Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introducing a great new product...

Thinkvacuums introduces yet another great product to the central vacuum market. The exhaust vent deflector...what does it do? Do I need it? Will it stop my rodent problem?

First, everyone who owns a central vacuum and vents outside should buy this product. This one product solves all of the problems people face when exhausting a central vacuum outside. It was developed to keep out birds, rodents, and other crawling animals like snakes, etc...you get the idea. From entering your home via the central vacuum pipes.

In most weather conditions, it also covers and deflects rain, snow, sleet, and sun rays. Installation couldn't be easier, it installs in minutes by simply covering the existing central vacuum vent.

Could it stop smaller animals? No, it wasn't designed for that.
We've never been a real fan of exhausting outside, click here to read some truths about outside venting.

To check out the Central Vacuum Exhaust Vent Deflector, click here.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The All New Miele S2 Series

We're happy to announce the newest line of Miele canister vacuums hitting the market! The Miele S2 Comfort Pricing Series canister vacuums are affordable, lightweight vacuums that deliver incredible performance and have top-notch hygienic filtration using a combination of Active HEPA filters and HyClean dust bags.
These new S2 canisters are an excellent value without sacrificing Miele's legendary high-quality engineering. These are ideal for first-time Miele customers or people who need a second vacuum cleaner.

There are 3 models, the Delphi, Olympus and Titan. All 3 feature a super powerful 1,200 watt Vortex motor system, which are custom made by Miele themselves. Whether you have high pile carpeting, low pile carpeting, or hard surfaces, there's a Miele S2 canister vacuum that will meet your needs. All of these models also include accessories such as a dusting brush, upholstery nozzle and a crevice tool, as well as convenience features like an automatic rewinding power cord and a 6-speed rotary dial for suction power control.

Last year we were Miele's #1 top dealer in the whole state of Florida, selling more units than anyone. The name Miele is becoming so strong in the industry these days that it's winning over the critics. The Callisto also won the Consumer's Digest Best Buy Award.

You can view our full line of Miele upright and canister vacuums on our website, or go directly to the S2 series.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Central Vacuum Deodorizer

Introducing the newest product offered by Thinkvacuums.com, the Central Vacuum Deodorizer!

One of the biggest complaints we have about central vacuums is the smell/odors coming from bagless, cyclonic, even bagged central vacuums. Whether you have pet problems such as dander and hair everywhere, smelly kitty litter, or maybe an "accident" on the carpet. Simply sprinkle a bit of the Central Vacuum Deodorizer on the carpet and vacuum it up! You don't have to cover the entire carpet to get the fresh smell, it works while inside of your vacuum as well. You don't have to come into contact with any hazardous cleaning chemicals, the container has a flip top with holes to make pouring on your carpet easier, it's also non-toxic so it's safe to use.

Remember, what you smell is also what you're breathing in. It makes sense to deodorize your vacuum. If you ever shampoo your carpeting or have it professionally cleaned, this product is safe enough to use if the carpet is still a little damp. It works great for other uses such as boats, RV's, automobiles, portable upright vacuums, canister vacuums, even garbage cans.

Did you know that carpeting typically retains a foul smell, which in turn makes your house smell. This is caused by dust and dirt, foot odors, pets, etc. all contribute to odors that stay within the fibers of the carpeting, so it's always a good idea to vacuum often and use the Deodorizer periodically to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

This product is proudly made in the United States.
For more information you can view our website by clicking here!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ametek-Lamb Central Vacuum Motors

Ametek-Lamb, one of the largest central vacuum motor manufacturers in the world, deserves many props for introducing the physically largest motor to ever be made. Clocking in at a whopping 8.4" in diameter, with 110" of water lift, is a bigger sized motor necessarily better or more powerful?

The answer to this question is simply "no, it's not". One downside of these motors is that it has only a single fan blade, while other motors have two or even three fan blades, which gives it more of a "pull action" or water lift. This motor was designed to carry it's strength through lots of central vacuum piping footage. Ametek is soon releasing a stronger, more powerful line of motors while still staying at 8.4" in diameter.

The secret about this motor is that it will lower airwatts but bring up the water lift to a more respectable measurement, creating a better balance for more suction power. We're very impressed with this new motor and are looking forward to it's release.

To the left is a picture of a brand new motor Ametek's come out with. This motor pushes it's limits at about 700 airwatts. The motor itself is assembled in Mexico using parts of unknown origin, but typically from China. We know of 3 central vacuum manufacturers that have rejected this motor because it did not live up to the testing criteria. We at Thinkvacuums personally have tested this motor and don't see anything wrong with it. But, just because we think it's a good motor doesn't mean we'll be labeling it as such, because at Thinkvacuums we try to look at things from an unbiased viewpoint, unlike some internet resellers who push whatever fattens their wallets more.

Both Domel and Ametek-Lamb motors have their good points and bad points, like many things in life. We try to look at things without any bias, and we display this by offering our customers a choice; Thinkvacuums sells a wide variety of central vacuum brands that utilize both of these motor manufacturers. For example, take DuoVac, a company who wins awards every year for quality and design, uses the Ametek motor in their central vacuums. We also carry Drainvac central vacuums, known for their incredible engineering, who uses Domel motors in their vacuums. A little known fact about Drainvac is they actually also use Ametek motors in their Wet/Dry central vacuums!

Just like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, these two motor manufacturing giants thrive off each other and constantly play the cat-and-mouse game and are always trying to out-do each other. In the end though, it's we the consumers who win, because they each keep coming out with better and better motors.

P.S. Ametek-Lamb motors are not American-made motors, like some companies claim. They were at one point, but it's been a long time since. They are a company based in America who designs and manufactures their products overseas. If they are so sensitive and don't like people talking about their motors being assembled in Mexico using Chinese parts, maybe they should re-think their strategy and open up manufacturing plants here in the States, giving Americans jobs. We know of one company in particular in the northwest that claims their vacuums are "American Made", when in reality the motors are made in Mexico/China, relays/transformers are made in Asia, nowadays the metal used in construction are imported from South America, and are only assembled in America.
There is no American company that makes central vacuums. Fact. It's unfortunate, but that's how it is.

For more information on Ametek motors, visit their website by clicking here.
For more information on Domel motors, visit their website at Domel.com or view our page by clicking here.
You can also view a video of their manufacturing process on the
Thinkvacuums YouTube channel by clicking here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Domel Central Vacuum Motors

The best just got better. Domel, the largest European motor manufacturer in the world, will be introducing their new lineup of central vacuum motors soon. Domel sat down with 3 of the major central vacuum manufacturers in the world and asked them what they'd like to see in a motor, now through a collaboration of ideas they're putting the finishing touches on their new top of the line motors. This "spy shot" is of one of several of their new motors which have taken years to develop.

These new motors are very high-tech and pretty hush-hush....very little information is known about it until it's officially unveiled at the VDTA trade show in Las Vegas. The little that we do know about this motor is that the power is...well, vicious would describe it pretty well. They're also going to be 10-12% cooler during operation due to new compound materials that should eliminate carbon dust by at least 45%, which in turns makes the motor much more efficient and longer lasting than ever before.

There is no model number or identification for this motor yet, it's still in production and has been in the testing lab for countless hours for longevity and durability, and emissions testing is showing it's much more eco-friendly than ever before.

The quality of the materials used in the motor is unmatched...the bulk material compound (the part sitting on top of the aluminum) is the same material that BMW and Mercedes-Benz uses on their air intake.

Out of all of the central vacuum companies out there, the first one to be receiving and using these new motors will be DrainVac International, based in Canada. We believe the warranty for this new motor may double, the sound (dB) levels will drop, and need even less servicing than other motors. The relationship Domel and DrainVac has go back many many years. They both set the standards for the industry that all other companies try to follow. Someone's got to be the leader...

Simply put, these new motors are over-the-top and we can't wait until we're able to offer them on our website and have them in new lines of central vacuums, which are coming very soon. More details to follow.

Our next blog will be about the American central vacuum motor manufacturer, Ametek-Lamb. Stay tuned for that!

For more information on Domel motors, click here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nutone Intercom Systems - Now Available!

Nutone intercom systems are now available on our website! For years, we've been selling intercoms to builders and DIY-ers. The Nutone company finally persuaded us to put their products on our website. If you're installing an intercom master station to remote stations and door speakers, or if you need wiring or just technical advise, feel free to call us at any time; or for even more technical assistance you can call Nutone themselves at 1-888-336-6151.

We're now introducing in-home entertainment, security and communication systems from Nutone, the leader in "styled for today" radio intercom and intercom systems. You can choose a 'Master' station in a variety of colors and functions to pair up with recess wall-mounted speakers and remote stations. They are the easiest, most affordable way to build security, convenience and entertainment into your
home. And with a variety of style and color options, Nutone has a system to compliment the decor of any home.

Music, news, information...in any room, at any time! A Nutone intercom system can play your favorite radio stations throughout the house, the CD system adds crisp, clean music on demand to any room. You'll be amazed by the superb sound quality produced by Nutone intercom systems. Nutone remote stations fill your home with music...indoors and out!

To check out our line of Nutone intercom systems, click here.