Thursday, April 25, 2013

AirVac Central Vacuums Popular Among Builders

Consumers Choice Award - The All New AirVac Central Vacuum
In some, AirVac central vacuums release the child in each and every one of us because they can be associated with a lot of Why questions. People often ask themselves "Why should I buy this or that vacuum cleaner?", "Why is this manufacturer better than the other one?", "Why are these appliances called vacuum cleaners in the first place?" and other more or less strange questions about vacuuming. One thing is sure: the name of AirVac deserves to be on everyone's lips.

You might think that the ones who made these central vacuums had a young child at home because the appliances they designed are very quiet. Many people are scared of vacuuming or rather of the noise it involves. AirVac central vacuums come to comfort them and remind them that some washing machines might actually produce more noise than some vacuum cleaners. In the end, it all depends on their location. They may be installed in the garage, in the attic, in the basement or in any other area that is isolated from the living one. 

Moreover, these appliances are very healthy in that they are ready to confront and annihilate one of the five most dangerous pollutants - dust. Both the National Lung Association and the EPA Science Advisory Board agree on that. AirVac central vacuum cleaners do not allow the air to recirculate, so there is no risk of inhaling dust during or after vacuuming or of the indoor air being more harmful than the outdoor one. They are more than three times safer than other vacuums because they produce three times more power and some of them, namely the models of the Platinum series, are warranted for ten years.

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These appliances may be generically called AirVac central vacuums, but appearances can be deceptive. They are more than just central vacuums. They are home cleaning systems. And they stand out through their convenience, efficiency, versatility, power, warranties, their beneficial effects on the life of the carpets and furniture in a home and last but not least, the value they add to the home they are used in. This combination of factors turned the name of AirVac into a household name in this industry and ensured the success of this vacuum manufacturer for over fifty years now. 

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Variety is also an advantage in all domains, which is why AirVac customers are given a choice between the central vacuums of the Red series and those of the Platinum series. The difference between them is the presence or absence of a disposable bag. The latter have all those attributes mentioned earlier and disposable bags while the former have all those attributes mentioned earlier but no disposable bags.

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Are there any other factors that contribute to the success of AirVac central vacuums? Yes, there are. There is the sleek design that hides a powerful motor and the attention paid to the customer. The side intake ports, the translucent dust bucket and all the features mentioned herein prove that AirVac plays fair toward their customers and puts a lot of effort into satisfying them.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cat licking vacuum cleaner

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sebo Automatic X4 #9577AM New for 2013

You cannot be successful unless you learn how to bring your strong points to the foreground and convince people that you are the best thing that has ever happened to them. These could pretty much be the thoughts of a vacuum cleaner too. They may be the thoughts of those manufactured by SEBO. This must be how the SEBO Automatic X4 #9577AM vacuum cleaners became so popular in the vacuuming industry.

Many people are thrilled about German engineering. The risk of dealing with any technical problems is very low with these vacuums and they have some amazing features. First of all, it is amazing how easy to maintain the SEBO Automatic X4 vacuums are. Their brush rolls can be removed very easily, so you do not have to ransack the house in an attempt to find the appropriate tools for this operation. This comes in extremely handy especially if you have any pets and you need to clean the brush roll on your vacuum on a regular basis. Naturally, a brush roll that can be removed very easily can also be put back in its place very easily.

You can never get stuck with the SEBO Automatic X4 #9577AM vacuum cleaners either because you can easily check them for clogs. You know what they say, clogs can run, but they cannot hide. The wand and the hose can be removed in an instant and they can be separated for a more thorough search. If your search of the wand and hose does not lead anywhere, then you can check your vacuum for clogs below or even separate the base from the body for better visibility. 

The Automatic X4 vacuum cleaner manufactured by SEBO can be a lifetime partner or at least its belt will always be there to support you in your vacuuming. Some things are irreplaceable. The belts on the SEBO Automatic X4 vacuum cleaners are, but not because the design of the appliances is faulty, but because there is simply no need to replace them. In fact, their design is very inspired. The whole Automatic X4 concept is very inspired. The Sebo Automatic X4 vacuum is always protected by a shut-off switch. This prevents the motor, the brush roll and all the parts of the vacuum from damage, as well as the carpet. If you need bags for this vacuum, click here.

Furthermore, there are times when the size matters. With vacuums, it needs to be as small as possible, otherwise they cannot fit under the furniture and in tight corners, in which case they are rather impractical and inconvenient. SEBO did not overlook this aspect and thought of a 5.5-inch profile for the Automatic X4 model. Talking about sizes and dimensions, they also came up with an automatic height adjustment feature that optimizes the performance of the vacuum.

All in all, everything about SEBO Automatic X4 vacuum cleaners seems to be appealing. Germans do not let you forget about the quality of their products and their perfectionism. In fact, you could say that the Sebo Automatic X4 model is just about as appealing as a vacuum cleaner can get.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forget about the Dust on Your Fingers with the Miele Onyx Vacuum Cleaner

The All New Miele Onyx S6270 - Refined German Engineering

Like the Swiss do watches, the Germans do engineering. The all new Miele S6270 is one of the most popular models that we sell on the internet as well as in our brick and mortar store location in South Florida.

The idea of novelty has always driven people toward their evolution. People have always been drawn to the idea of discovering new things with no exception. The same principle applies to the sales market and implicitly the vacuuming industry, where manufacturers always have to bring something to the table to convince the pool of customers out there to buy their products. The Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner is one of the suggestions that have stirred an instant interest.

Inspired from the onyx mineral, this vacuum cleaner has a multitude of features that would persuade anyone to take the money out of their pocket and buy it. There are several layers that overlap here to make a very good vacuum cleaner. They include performance, convenience, filtration, design and versatility. These are actually the layers one expects a good vacuum cleaner to have, so there is no novelty here except for the way in which these layers overlap.

Only the Topaz canister vacuum cleaner is larger than the Miele Onyx vacuum within the S6 line. In fact, they are like two brothers, with the Topaz having some extra wits, namely an electric hose. However, the Onyx model has a lot of ego and does not surrender to this small detail, but tries to outsmart its brother with its accessories. For instance, it attacks the floors with two brushes, so it delivers good results both on carpets and on smooth floors. Its gentleness is extraordinary too, with the horsehair bristles of the brushes fully protecting the surfaces. However, the motor is not as gentle as the bristles for it produces 1200 watts and therefore can knock over all types of dirt. The vacuum cleaner also resembles the mineral whose name it bears through its height adjustment feature, which is controlled via a rotary dial. Of course, the power of a motor does not make much difference if it does not last. Therefore, Miele only launches motors that can meet the highest standards for up to two decades. People usually hope for the good things that happen to them to last. Well, the Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner is a good product and it does last because it is designed to last.

You can forget about all your worries with this vacuum and your main worry in this case is dust spreading everywhere around you. Those suffering from asthma or allergies can rest assured that this vacuum will clear the air for them and eliminate all health risks. The 3.7-quart filter bag and the Air Clean filter replace the HEPA filter most customers look for and do it perfectly. So you can forget about all dust particles larger than 0.3 microns.

All in all, there are many layers to the Miele Onyx canister vacuum cleaner that make it a very desirable home appliance. It has got class, it has got style, it has got everything a good vacuum cleaner should have to draw one's attention to it, so it is a precious cleaning solution.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Miele Olympus S2120

Miele is a performer in the vacuuming industry, setting a new record with each vacuum cleaner they release on the market. Some of them are comfort champions, some of them lead the ease of use Olympic round in vacuuming and some of them are all-round Olympic champions. The Miele Olympus vacuum cleaner is one of the Miele appliances that catch the eye through their performance.

You must have noticed that lots of champions are very good-looking too. The Miele Olympus vacuum cleaner is one of them. It may be powerful and convenient, but it is also attractive from a visual point of view, so it is rather a heartthrob. This is a neat vacuum cleaner that comes in very nice and appealing colors and is fitted with very appealing parts and accessories. Moreover, it does not nag you with its noise because its motor is very quiet. Its six power adjustments and rotary dial also add to its attractiveness. However, usually, the hard part is not reaching a high level of performance but maintaining it. Real champions stay up on the success ladder for a longer period of time. The Miele Olympus vacuum cleaner is a real champion thanks to its durable ABS plastic casing too and its seven-year warranted motor. If you want to compare Miele canister S2 series, click here for more information.

No low pile carpet challenge is too big for this vacuum cleaner, which is why it can be considered one of the all-round champions of the vacuuming industry. However, it cannot perform properly on thick carpets because it lacks a powerhead. Its weapon against dust and dirt is a combination tool. Its performance is also enhanced by its mobility, which is ensured by three swivel casters and its travel ramp design. 

One of the Olympic rounds for vacuum cleaners is the filtration round, where the Miele Olympus S2120 vacuum is among the favorites because it is supported by over eighty years of tests and studies. The filter on the Olympus model passes the baton to the HyClean bags, which finish the race. In its case, the baton is the air particles. Once the HEPA filter joins the baton team, the race is almost won because very few impurities go past it. The dust bag is also a very important member of the filtration team, so to speak. If you're searching for Miele Olympus vacuum bags, click here.

It is said that one must always aim high. This vacuum aims high in terms of performance, but it also aims far away with its long hose and wand. The on-board attachments play an important role. Protection is not a problem with this vacuum either because it features a bumper strip designed to withstand any shock.

Performance requires a lot of commitment and Miele has proven on countless occasions that they have what it takes to achieve performance. They have the right attitude toward their customers, so they have all the reasons to be champions in vacuuming. The Miele Olympus S2120 vacuum cleaner comes to enforce this statement by offering a few innovations that are bound to win everyone's heart.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Nutone VX 475 Central Vacuum - Power & Durability

Central Vacuum Systems
Nutone is one of the vacuum cleaner manufacturers that set the tone in the vacuuming industry with their highly efficient and originally designed appliances. They offer three different bag models ideal for three different surface ranges. The Nutone VX475 is the introductory model of its series and it works its wonders on surfaces up to 4000 square meters. 

The Nutone VX475 vacuum cleaner is indeed music for your ear because it makes very little noise, so it allows you to rediscover the pleasure of vacuuming. Well, of course, you might not find any pleasure in this chore, but at least you will find it less annoying. The internal sound suppression system also suppresses the discomfort. The motor of this appliance is a two-stage one that produces 475 watts, 114 cubic feet per meter of airflow and 90 inches of suction power. Its voltage is set at 120 volts and its power at 15 amps. 

Usually, the main problem with household appliances is that the replacement operations are very cumbersome and therefore quite scary. Fortunately, this is not the case with this vacuum cleaner. The six-gallon dust bag can be changed in the blink of an eye thanks to the easy access door created by the designers of this model. This is not the only advantageous feature of the VX475 model as far as the dust bag is concerned. Its very design and filtration capacities are also astounding. For instance, once the air goes in, it can never go out because of the self-sealing collar, so you are as safe as you can be with this dust bag. The HEPA filtration system works its wonders here too, so in other words, this vacuum cleaner really dusts the dust away, so to speak. 

However, there are people for which the technical specifications of a vacuum cleaner do not mean much unless they are complemented by a good-looking design. The Nutone VX475 vacuum cleaner does not risk anything from this point of view. It has a very pleasant and sleek design which also enhances its convenience. This may sound a bit unusual, but you can actually mount your vacuum cleaner on the wall for additional space. You can fit it into tight corners as well. Its size allows it and so do its accessories. Of course, there is no point in having a visually appealing vacuum cleaner unless it is also durable, but Nutone also scores in terms of durability, proposing a corrosion and flame resistant housing for the VX475 model. 

Nutone has spoiled their customers with very good vacuum cleaners. The Nutone VX475 model leads the way to vacuuming performance or rather watches it from up the wall if mounted. Warranted for two years, it is one of the best central vacuums available on the market today, so it really sets the tone in terms of vacuuming. It is convenient and visually appealing and it purrs like a kitten while in use, so it has quite a few aces up its sleeve.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Central Vacuum Hoses

The central vacuum hoses today are miles away from what they initially were, namely some heavy, short-lasting and not very powerful and efficient accessories people fitted on their vacuum cleaners. Times have changed, trends have changed, needs have changed and therefore, vacuum cleaner hoses have changed. The models available today are not only much smoother on the inside, but also much wider, which means they are far more efficient than the older ones. 

There are three types of central vacuum hoses that can be fitted on central vacuums. These are basic hoses, low voltage hoses and electric hoses. The latter only deliver good results if assisted by an electric brush. In fact, they need an electric brush to deliver any results at all. The second type of hoses can be fitted on any vacuum cleaner that does not feature such a brush. Finally, the basic models are the least common and the least efficient. However, the last shall be the first, so let’s take a closer look at each of them and start with the basic models.

Basic central vacuum hoses used to be a lot narrower and rougher, but that is no longer the case. Manufacturers have woken up and adjusted to their customers’ needs by changing the design so that the suction power is higher and the user can vacuum much more easily. The suction power of the new models is 27% higher than with the older models, to be exact. They are crushproof, lightweight and very convenient, so they have all the basic features such an accessory should have in order to perform well. Some people mistake the basic features of these hoses for poor quality but that should not be the case. Basic does not mean poor quality. Basically, it means offering exactly what one needs to do their cleaning job properly. Find your manufacturer of what central vacuum hose you may need.

The low voltage central vacuum hoses are more advanced than the basic ones in that they have a few additional features. They may be low voltage hoses, but they are definitely highly convenient with their suction switch which can save you from chasing wall inlets all the time. With these hoses, the power is controlled via a low voltage wire. Low voltage hoses are the perfect match for air-driven powerheads and although they cost a little more than the basic models, the extra money pays for the extra quality.

Finally, there are the central vacuum electric hoses, which are designed to withstand your constant abuse. People often drop their vacuum hoses, stretch them or slam them, so it was high time manufacturers responded and minimized the risk of damage. These models feature both low voltage and high voltage wires to supply the nozzle with power and they are also much wider than the older models. They may be pretentious in that they only match the vacuum cleaners equipped with electric brushes, but their performance is flawless on all surfaces. 

Most people focus on the motor of a vacuum cleaner rather than on the hose, but central vacuum hoses deserve more attention than that because they can make things much easier in terms of cleaning with all their upgraded features. You know what they say, times changes and hoses with them. Check out the premium quality straight suction central vacuum hose.

Check out the new WallyFlex hose, great for all central vacuums. This quick to reach hose is fantastic for dryer vents, quick cleanups, and is handy to get underneath refrigerators and appliances. One of the best inventions in the central vacuum industry in the last 10 years. A must for every central vacuum new installation, the WallyFlex hose management system not only is aesthetically pleasing, but so useful in every little job you need a central vacuum for.
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