Thursday, June 26, 2014

Duovac Distinction Central Vacuum

Duovac Distinction commercial rated central vacuumDuovac has returned to the top of the central vacuum industry by manufacturing the all new and all powerful DuoVac Distinction. The Duovac Distinction brings the awesome power of a massive duel motor design back into the Duovac central vacuum company. Designed with two 3-stage German engineered DOMEL motors that offer the dominating power of 1100 air watts (suction power) and 210 inches of water-lift makes the powerful Duovac Distinction Central Vacuum Distinct indeed!

The Duovac Distinction central vacuum system has built in ultra-quiet acoustic material helping to keep motor noise down while the unit is in operation. The Distinction is equipped with an electronic module with an LED indicator to offer easy operation and soft start/stop function for increased durability and longevity of the motors.

The Duovac Distinction central vacuum offers excellent filtration with its German Herculon filter. This type of degree of filtration helps eliminate odors, fine dust particles and other microorganisms from being exhausted back out into the living environment.

The Duovac Distinction is offered with Duovac’s True Lifetime Warranty. With a warranty guaranteed for the life of the motor and housing, mega suction power and optimal filtration makes the Duovac Distinction stand out against the other central vacuums in the industry today! Manufactured with a sleek brushed aluminum canister and beautiful pearlescent motor housing the Duovac Distinction is not only powerful but also has an elegant sleek design. conclusion The Duovac Distinction Comes with a 30day money back satisfaction guarantee making Duovac the leading consumers choice for central vacuum systems.