Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Central Vacuum Relay

Typical Central Vacuum Relay
Central Vacuum Relays are indispensable components of the power units of vacuum cleaners. They start the motor and activate the suction which is then guided to a room of your choice through a given pipe.

Usually, a vacuum cleaner can be turned off by removing the hose from the inlet. However, it may happen for this operation to have no effect whatsoever. Should this be the case, there is definitely something wrong with the central vacuum relay and you need to take immediate action. You may replace it yourself or reach out for the help of professionals. One of the fastest solutions is the central vac relay control box, whose installation only requires a few minutes. 

What is the function of a central vacuum relay?

The whole vacuuming industry has changed over the last years because improvements have been made in all its branches. That of central vacuum relays makes no exception. Manufacturers have adapted with no delay. The vacuum cleaners launched on the market years ago featured both a relay and a transformer while those launched in recent years feature one main circuit board which supports all the electronic parts. Central vacuum relays often break down because their contact points lose their function. You may have grown accustomed to the click signaling that things are going well and if you have, then you will not be surprised to learn that the proper application of the volts across the central vacuum relay also results in a click.

Learn how to change a relay in a central vacuum.

The replacement of a central vacuum relay is as easy as riding a bike. Indeed, you may not be able to do it right blindfolded, but it is much easier than you would expect. First of all, you need to cut off the power so that the appliance does not receive any more electricity. Once you have done that, you use a screwdriver to open the central vacuum unit and you can see the relay lying there next to the motor. Then you use the same screwdriver to open the bracket the relay is mounted on. You need to be very careful not to dislocate any of the wires. The next step is the proper replacement of the central vacuum relay and its fastening with screws. The wires must be detached one at a time and attached to their corresponding terminals. Once you have made the associations, you need to tighten the screws to fix them and take out the broken relay. Finally, you tighten the screws on the back panel and then turn on the electricity. Then you can start using your central vacuum cleaner as before. 

How does a central vacuum relay board work?

Once again, central vacuum relays are indispensable components of the power units of vacuum cleaners because they start the motor and activate the suction which then reaches a particular room through a particular pipe, so they need to work properly for the vacuum cleaners they are mounted on to work properly too. As the soundtrack of a famous sitcom says, "you can't have one without the other". The most typical relay on the market would be a NuTone 350, 353, 450, etc. To find this, click here.

Are you looking to change your motor or relay to your central vacuum?

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