Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Stuff!

Sorry we haven't gotten to blogging in a while, we have a load of good testimonial feedback from people which we're eventually going to put up. We're also proud to announce 2 new members of our staff, Mike and Denell. We picked them because they've got a good strong work ethic, which is hard to find these days.

Mike will be helping us out in the packing and shipping department. He's been working for UPS for a while as well so his experience and expertise will help improve shipping speed. If he's good enough for UPS' strict standards, he's good enough for us!
Denell is one of the new lovely ladies in our office, helping answer phones and take orders among other things. It's a good thing she hopped on board with us because we've had a pretty big spike in business lately!
With this strong staff we can continue to serve our customers better than ever to meet the rising demand.

In other news, we talked in another past blog about NuTone's new CT700 power nozzle, well we've finally got them in stock ready to ship! Check them out here. There are also 2 new wands required to use the CT700, the CT170 and CT175 - the only difference is if you have a crushproof hose or a wire-reinforced hose. Click the "more info" link on the product description for a nice big picture to help identify your model hose.