Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Ahoy!

As 2009 comes to a close, we look back at all of the things that happened this past year, both at Thinkvacuums and in the vacuum industry in general.

A lot has happened around the Thinkvacuums offices in 2009. We've had a few new employees come on board to speed up our order processing and shipping, been featured on Bravo Television along with the Carpet and Rug Institute, partnered with Drainvac International and filmed a segment for the TV show Designing Spaces on the TLC network, and of course our whole new website layout (which was a huge success!).

It's going to be hard to out-do ourselves in 2010 but we'll certainly try! This coming year, we're going to be introducing a lot of new and exciting products. Since technology changes faster every year, new products are always on the horizon, and of course we'll be here to introduce them to the industry.
The VDTA, which is held in Vegas every year, is sure to have a lot of new and improved products to make cleaning quicker and more effective. Also, Las Vegas is an awesome place to go to.

We sincerely want to thank all of our customers for continuing to do business with us, and we hope you'll like all the new stuff we have to offer in 2010!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thinkvacuums annual holiday dinner super mega spectacular bash!

Last night we had our annual Thinkvacuums Holiday Dinner at an amazing pizza/wings place, anybody in South Florida knows that Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza is incredible. We had a Secret Santa this year in the office and we all exchanged gifts after dinner. Now, the Secret Santa gifts were all nice, but the gag gifts were the best part (I don't think listing them in the blog would be professional appropriate though!). In all, it was a good night with lots of food and lots of laughs.
If you ever get the chance to go to an Anthony's, you need to try to Paul and Young Ron pizza. It's named after the two biggest radio personalities around here, and it's delicious. Sausage, meatballs, hot peppers and ricotta cheese go very, very well together on Anthony's famous pizzas.

Anyway, with the end of the year coming around and the holidays going on all month we just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday and new year, and hope everyone has a good ol' family dinner as delicious as ours last night!

Now, the matter of who gets to eat what leftovers begins...they are now gone.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank You For Another Great Year

As 2009 gets closer and closer to becoming 2010, we wanted to thank everyone for their patronage this year. We've had a great year. Lots of good things have happened and we look forward to more great things this coming year. We have some projects that we're working on that just blow the pants off the competition when the time comes. We promise to continue providing the best customer service and the best prices on the internet. We know the holidays can be a stressful time for you. Just know that you can find anything and everything to know about central vacuums from our website. From exhausting outside to what system is best for the size of your home. We have it all here. You can expect some great things from us this coming new year, but I'm not going to give anything away too soon ;)

From ThinkVacuums To All Our Customers, New and Returning

Give us a call at 1-800-322-2965
Or to order visit www.ThinkVacuums.com

Oh and for your viewing enjoyment, a random video we just found..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

Designing Spaces, a Quorum Production, featured on the TLC Network, as well as a host of different networks, just wrapped up filming their segment on central vacuums and how they are more environmentally friendly than ever. The episode is called Thinking Green with Central Vacuums. Martin Sevigny, VP and Head Honcho of Drainvac International, came down here and showed off one model in front of the cameras, and Robert, owner of Thinkvacuums, did the same with another model. They even filmed it at Robert's house to show off the Drainvac that's there!

Thinkvacuums and Drainvac were picked to be part of this enormous production on educating the public on how central vacuums can improve the air in homes everywhere - a "Going Green" theme. The production lasted the entire day with a director, stage hand, lighting people, sound people, and the interviewer. This was the real deal.

Designing Spaces wanted to plug Drainvac as the best, state of the art vacuum on the market. Quorum Productions researched all of the central vacuums on the market, and decided that Drainvac was the vacuum to feature. They found that Drainvac was the leader compared to the others, it's probably because it has the most unique filtration method as well as many "going green" features. They considered the Drainvac central vacuum the Mercedes-Benz of vacuums, without the high price tag.

You'll be able to check out our spot on Designing Spaces in a couple months airing on the TLC network, we'll keep the site informed when we get more specific information. And of course we'll have a copy of it on our YouTube Channel, and we might even Tweet about it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thinkvacuums introduces another product!

The new item we're introducing today is called the Mini Electric Stair and Upholstery Tool. It's made of super strong ABS plastic, which is virtually indestructible. The German engineered powerful motor requires zero maintenance. It measures in at 6 inches wide, and the rotating brush roller is 6 inches long as well, and it even self-cleans itself!

The smooth 180-degree swivel neck and sleek low profile allows you to get into small nooks and crannies with easy, and its large dirt channel and cogged geared belt prevents clogging. It has a slim side profile to make cleaning edges easier. Even the bearings are sealed to be dirt and hair resistant to clogging. It also features an automatic safety shut-off.

It's also a very quiet nozzle. Physically, it's rough matte black surface is rugged and fingerprint-proof. 11inch electrical cord easily hooks up to any electric hose, and the button lock design ensures it stays secured. It's easy to push and pull around your carpeting due to the smooth bottom plate.

Best of all it comes with a great warranty, 5 years on parts and 10 years on the motor.

This is great for stairs/steps as well as couches, chairs, auto upholstery, and for deep cleaning dirt, sand, and pet hair.

This usually retails for $99.95 but our introductory sale price will be only $74.95 and can be viewed on our website here.