Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Domel Central Vacuum Motors

The best just got better. Domel, the largest European motor manufacturer in the world, will be introducing their new lineup of central vacuum motors soon. Domel sat down with 3 of the major central vacuum manufacturers in the world and asked them what they'd like to see in a motor, now through a collaboration of ideas they're putting the finishing touches on their new top of the line motors. This "spy shot" is of one of several of their new motors which have taken years to develop.

These new motors are very high-tech and pretty hush-hush....very little information is known about it until it's officially unveiled at the VDTA trade show in Las Vegas. The little that we do know about this motor is that the power is...well, vicious would describe it pretty well. They're also going to be 10-12% cooler during operation due to new compound materials that should eliminate carbon dust by at least 45%, which in turns makes the motor much more efficient and longer lasting than ever before.

There is no model number or identification for this motor yet, it's still in production and has been in the testing lab for countless hours for longevity and durability, and emissions testing is showing it's much more eco-friendly than ever before.

The quality of the materials used in the motor is unmatched...the bulk material compound (the part sitting on top of the aluminum) is the same material that BMW and Mercedes-Benz uses on their air intake.

Out of all of the central vacuum companies out there, the first one to be receiving and using these new motors will be DrainVac International, based in Canada. We believe the warranty for this new motor may double, the sound (dB) levels will drop, and need even less servicing than other motors. The relationship Domel and DrainVac has go back many many years. They both set the standards for the industry that all other companies try to follow. Someone's got to be the leader...

Simply put, these new motors are over-the-top and we can't wait until we're able to offer them on our website and have them in new lines of central vacuums, which are coming very soon. More details to follow.

Our next blog will be about the American central vacuum motor manufacturer, Ametek-Lamb. Stay tuned for that!

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