Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nutone Intercom Systems - Now Available!

Nutone intercom systems are now available on our website! For years, we've been selling intercoms to builders and DIY-ers. The Nutone company finally persuaded us to put their products on our website. If you're installing an intercom master station to remote stations and door speakers, or if you need wiring or just technical advise, feel free to call us at any time; or for even more technical assistance you can call Nutone themselves at 1-888-336-6151.

We're now introducing in-home entertainment, security and communication systems from Nutone, the leader in "styled for today" radio intercom and intercom systems. You can choose a 'Master' station in a variety of colors and functions to pair up with recess wall-mounted speakers and remote stations. They are the easiest, most affordable way to build security, convenience and entertainment into your
home. And with a variety of style and color options, Nutone has a system to compliment the decor of any home.

Music, news, any room, at any time! A Nutone intercom system can play your favorite radio stations throughout the house, the CD system adds crisp, clean music on demand to any room. You'll be amazed by the superb sound quality produced by Nutone intercom systems. Nutone remote stations fill your home with music...indoors and out!

To check out our line of Nutone intercom systems, click here.