Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays from

Yet another year is almost over and we are once again in the heart of the holiday season! We at have had the opportunity to continue to grow as a business and as a family this past year. We have added many new faces to our staff and expanded our warehouse facility. We continue to grow and flourish as a leading online vacuum dealer and retailer because of you our customers. We continuously aim to provide the best quality products at the best pricing so we can pass the savings on to our clients.

We are appreciative of our repeat customers as well as the new customers we make. We would like to take this moment to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a very Happy Holiday Season! We look forward to serving you in 2015 and for many years to come!

Call in when placing an order now through December 24th 2014 and say “HO HO HO!” and receive a FREE UP and Over Tool for your Central Vacuum with your purchase.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Countdown To Black Friday!!!

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Thinkvacuums is offering some of the best deals you'll get all year! This Friday is Black Friday and we have two of the largest manufacturers, Drainvac and Duovac, on sale. This deal will start on Black Friday (11/28/2014) and will end on Cyber Monday (12/1/2014). 

In addition to the Drainvac and Duovac Central Vacuum Systems sale, we will have tons of additional sales all over our Black Friday Sales page. You won't find deals like this until next year! So get ready. The Countdown to Black Friday has begun! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Drainvac S1000 Central Vacuums

S1000 Drainvac Series

The all new Drainvac S1000 central vacuum series is so popular with builders today that is fast becoming one of our most popular sellers. With a lifetime warranty casing, this central vacuum will deliver not only power, suction, and longevity, it will also deliver a silence like no other vacuum series you've experienced.

Each and every Drainvac central vacuum within the S1000 series is made of the best raw material money can buy. The S1000 central vacuums all are created with a strict set of guidelines that have proved to produce one of the best motors, relays, and general components out there. Durability is what you will recieve when purchasing any one of the central vacuums in the S1000 series.

All Drainvac S1000 central vacuums can be used with a disposable paperbag or as a basic dump out system. Whichever you prefer, the S1000 series is a small and compact, durable and long-lasting, and powerful and effective central vacuum line that will get the job done.

To check out all available S1000 series central vacuums, click the follow links below:
S1005-c | S1006-c | S1007-c

Specific Characteristics of This Series:

  • A quiet motor from only 58 decibels!
  • Permanent filter and dust bag included.
  • Diameter of 12 in / 30 cm Height of
    23 in / 58 cm
    for confined spaces.
  • Activac 2 filter or muffler & exhaust
    vent provided with the unit.
  • Compact models occupying little space.
  • Semi-transparent casing:
    You will see in a glance whether the bag
    should be replaced or not.
  • Polypropylene head and bucket
    Wall thickness:
    • Head at 1/4 in (6.4 mm)
    • Thank at 3/16 in (4.8 mm)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Drainvac Central Vacuum Residential Units

New Line-up for 2014/2015

atomik central vacuum

Drainvac Atomik

The Drainvac Atomik is small and portable central vacuum cleaner made of real stainless steel.Can be moved to wherever it is needed. Also, it can be used as a stationary appliance in a specific area. Plug in your hose directly on the unit or to a pipe network.

Compact central vacuum

Drainvac Compact Series

The Drainvac Compact series is perfectly suited to condos, apartments, and regular homes. In addition, there is a permanent filter with antimicrobial treatment SilverClear and dust bag included.

Cyclonik central vacuum

Drainvac Cyclonik Series

The Drainvac Cyclonik series vacuum both dry and liquid substances, always maintains the same superior suction power, removes particles, allergens, and odors through an outside vent, and is done all automatically without the use of a filter or bag.

Automatik central vacuum

Drainvac Automatik Series

The Drainvac Automatik series vacuum both dry and liquid substances, drains automatically into your sanitary piping, removes particles, allergens, and odors through an outside vent, and is done all automatically without the use of a filter or bag.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Vacport led automatic dustpan introduces the all new VacPort central vacuum sweep inlet valve. The VacPort model #A900 re-invents the wheel on traditional automatic dustpan inlet valves by including a brilliant LED lights. The bright LED light on the VacPort #A900 allows you to illuminate the sweep inlet in dark areas like under cabinets, hallways, pantries and other dim lit places.

The VacPort adds an element of convenience to any central vacuum system. You just simply sweep your dirt, dust and debris into the LED lit opening of the VacPort and watch as the suction of the central vacuum takes it away! This automatic dustpan is perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, halls and pantries the all new VacPort by IntertVac can be installed in homes, office buildings, motorhomes and boats!

Made in the USA the VacPort #A900 sweep inlet is durable, reliable and easy to install. This LED model VacPort sweep inlet uses the existing 24 volt low voltage wires from the central vacuum system unit to power the illuminating LED lights. Compared to the traditional vacuum sweep inlets the all new LED VacPort #A900 truly stands out as the brighter choice!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Duovac Distinction Central Vacuum

Duovac Distinction commercial rated central vacuumDuovac has returned to the top of the central vacuum industry by manufacturing the all new and all powerful DuoVac Distinction. The Duovac Distinction brings the awesome power of a massive duel motor design back into the Duovac central vacuum company. Designed with two 3-stage German engineered DOMEL motors that offer the dominating power of 1100 air watts (suction power) and 210 inches of water-lift makes the powerful Duovac Distinction Central Vacuum Distinct indeed!

The Duovac Distinction central vacuum system has built in ultra-quiet acoustic material helping to keep motor noise down while the unit is in operation. The Distinction is equipped with an electronic module with an LED indicator to offer easy operation and soft start/stop function for increased durability and longevity of the motors.

The Duovac Distinction central vacuum offers excellent filtration with its German Herculon filter. This type of degree of filtration helps eliminate odors, fine dust particles and other microorganisms from being exhausted back out into the living environment.

The Duovac Distinction is offered with Duovac’s True Lifetime Warranty. With a warranty guaranteed for the life of the motor and housing, mega suction power and optimal filtration makes the Duovac Distinction stand out against the other central vacuums in the industry today! Manufactured with a sleek brushed aluminum canister and beautiful pearlescent motor housing the Duovac Distinction is not only powerful but also has an elegant sleek design. conclusion The Duovac Distinction Comes with a 30day money back satisfaction guarantee making Duovac the leading consumers choice for central vacuum systems.

Thursday, April 24, 2014 Is Breaking Down Walls and Expanding Once Again!

That's right we did it again! We are in the process of growing and expanding even more! We are remodeling and creating new office spaces and renovating and expanding our warehouse. has been one of the leading retailers on the web, and we are on the move to become the largest for all central vacuum, commercial vacuum and household vacuum needs! We have been able to build our business from our local show room stationed 25 years in the same location to the massive retail world of the internet. We pride ourselves on carrying only the premium brands, quality products and offering fast and reliable service.

We have recently had the opportunity to expand once again! This allows us to create new offices to provide more customer support and more warehouse space to process orders and merchandise more effectively. With growth we have been able to store more merchandise allowing us to pass on the savings to our customers.

We have also been able to bring on a few more members to the family! We would like to wish a warm welcome to Ben, Daniel, Jennifer, Juan and Scott! We are growing so fast we are looking to bring onboard 30 more employees. We want to thank our customers for all the business you have done and continue to do with us. As a token of our appreciation we would like to offer a free central vacuum car & garage kit to our customers with any purchase of $250.00 of central vacuum parts or equipment. Mention this offer at the time of the transaction to receive your free gift from

Offer only valid with purchase of central vacuum parts or equipment $250.00 or more and expires 5/4/14.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean Power Head

Soft Clean EBK 360 is Great for Mohawk Carpeting

 The communication between the manufacturers of carpets and those of vacuum cleaners has always suffered, causing their relationship to be a rather dysfunctional one based on an easily identifiable pattern. In fact, it has always been a chase, with the latter constantly fearing being left behind. Every new initiative carpet manufacturers have ever taken has had an immediate response from vacuum cleaner manufacturers. 

Both of them have always been driven by their purpose to respond to the needs of their end users, but they did not seem to realize it for years. In fact, what they did not realize was that they could achieve even greater things if only they communicated properly. Thus, for a very long time, carpet manufacturers would focus solely on making carpets that would lure their customers with better performances, longer life expectancies and more beautiful designs. On the other hand, vacuum cleaner manufacturers would focus solely on improving the cleaning performance of their products. 
Coming back to the cleaning challenges posed by the modern soft carpets, some cleaning equipment manufacturers have had a much easier job than others. Wessel-Werk is a clear example of the privileged position some have benefited from. Their built their entire manufacturing process starting from the EBK 360 power brush, which is their latest proposition in terms of power brushes. In fact, this part has proved to be so much more than that, making a huge impact on the profile market. The reasons are quite obvious. Wessel-Werk’s EBK 360 power brush produces great power to ensure an impeccable cleaning performance on carpets of different heights and does so for prices calculated to suit all end users, regardless of their financial possibilities. Although the response to this power brush was a very good one, the manufacturer decided to improve it even further and designed the Soft-Clean  version, which is now available for sale. As expected, this has led to the introduction of Soft-Clean pieces on canister and central vacuum cleaners alike. Basically, this was that first step that needed to be taken for the two industries to start developing a transparent and fully collaborative relationship which would open new doors for them to serve the best interests of their end users. Somehow, it acted as the push they needed to realize that they often share not only a purpose, but a wide range of other aspects as well which starts at their target demographics., this adversity between the two industries has marked their evolution over time, rising problems on a regular basis for over forty years now. It all started with ASTM and their launch of testing protocols which the manufacturers of commercial and residential vacuum cleaners operating on the profile market at the time took advantage of. This initiative turned vacuum cleaners into the most sought after appliances of the time. However, the advertising campaigns behind them were rather inconsistent with the reality, so the need for a regulatory commission was evident. This led to the foundation of the ASTM F11 Committee on Vacuums, but it lacked objectivity too, issuing standards while ignoring the needs and requests of carpet manufacturers completely. As expected, this stirred quite a reaction from carpet manufacturers, although only a few years later. They set up the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) in order to be able to tip the balance in their favor, which they did, first through their cleanability protocols and then through their appearance retention ones. Moreover, they created a rating system and a paid approval system for cleaner manufacturers, thus excluding the cleaning equipment manufacturers from their business. This is the history behind the Green Label program and the Seal of Approval program initiated by the Carpet and Rug Institute back in 2000 and 2005, respectively.

As far as the actual products are concerned, the early 2000s brought along the California Shags which were incompatible with most of the power brushes then available on the market because of the long yarn which usually got entangled around the brushroll. Then, the mid 2000s brought along the frieze carpets. Today, the market is faced with the challenges of ultra-soft carpets which are bigger in every sense but only serve to promote them as a central piece of the market in the long term. In the end, the secret to success is proactivity, especially when it comes to developing new products. However, it is usually threatened by the element of surprise, which explains the overall activity of cleaner manufacturers. The sales numbers are the most eloquent. While they were rather reasonable with the former two types of carpets, they skyrocketed with the latter. In other words, soft carpets have long outrun their predecessors in terms of popularity, which has spread to both consumers and manufacturers. The competition between carpet manufacturers has been fierce over the past ten years with each of them trying to develop the softest carpet. So far, the leader is Mohawk with their carpet design which banks not only on an outstandingly soft texture, but also on durability. As expected, the offer is extremely diversified, soft carpets being available in a wide range of weights, textures and styles. However, the cleaning demands still stand out as the main problem with this new trend in the carpeting industry.

At the same time, though, things are looking up on a collaborative level because of this very problem. The extraordinary challenges posed by the modern soft carpets appear to be the common denominator that can bring the carpet manufacturing and the vacuum cleaner manufacturing industries together. Carpet manufacturers seem to finally understand that they need good cleaning equipment while vacuum cleaner manufacturers are putting much more effort into understanding the demands of soft carpets so as to be able to provide viable cleaning solutions. In fact, the ASTM F11 Committee on Vacuums has initiated a new program on Research/Evaluation of New Floor Covering. What is also impressive in the present context is that the committee has been tackling this collaboration issue directly by integrating a significant number of professionals from various fields, including carpet and vacuum cleaner manufacturing. As already mentioned, this level of collaboration was impossible to achieve a few years back.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Central Vacuum Inlets

A General Presentation of Central Vacuum Wall Inlets

Central vacuum systems have become very trendy, an increasing number of people choosing to purchase such a system instead of a conventional vacuum cleaner. The advantages of owning a central vacuum system are becoming clearer and clearer every day, so more and more manufacturers count on them to increase their sales. However, this is not what the present article focuses on. It focuses on the central vacuum wall inlets available on the market.

One of the advantages of central vacuum systems is their extended life expectancy, some of the models lasting for almost fifty years. There is also their increased power, which is due to their much larger motors, and their increased convenience as well. Many people prefer to mount their vacuum cleaner on a wall rather than drag it around the house, on stairs and around corners, thus saving themselves a lot of hassle. Basically, a wall inlet is a small port the hose of a central vacuum cleaner is fitted into. The use of brackets may also be required for the vacuum to work, the signal being sent via a metal band found at the end of the hose. 

Experts have various recommendations on the types of central vacuum wall inlets that should be used when cleaning different types of floors. For instance, hard floors can be cleaned using standard hoses which can be associated with standard inlet valves. This combination involves no electricity running through the hose, therefore lower risks. Carpet floors, on the other hand, require the use of a power nozzle and therefore that of an electrical hose, which can be associated either with a super inlet valve or with a standard one. Standard valves are recommended for pig tail cord hoses while super valves are recommended for direct connect hoses. In the former case, electricity reaches the power nozzle by inserting a 6-foot cord right into an electrical outlet. In the latter, there are two prongs that go right into the valve and ensure the transportation of electricity to the hose.

One can choose whatever kind of central vacuum wall inlets they want because there are a lot of models available on the market. These parts are available in different colors, even in different shades, in different sizes and in different shapes. Therefore, one has a lot of options in case they want to replace their wall inlets to match the home d├ęcor. The replacement of a central vacuum wall inlet is a very easy job everyone can handle. It starts with the identification of the type of wall inlet owned and with turning off the power in the house. The next step consists in removing the screws and checking the low voltage wires. Standard inlet valves have only two such wires. Electric or super valves, on the other hand, have two low voltage wires as well as two regular ones. The new wall inlet is to be attached to the wires, then the screws are to be put into place and the job is done. Now the central vacuum cleaner can be turned on again and the cleaning can begin.

To find a complete selection of central vacuum wall inlets, visit our site here.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Drainvac Central Vacuum Reviews

One of the best parts of assisting customers with their Central Vacuum needs is enjoying their look of satisfaction when we have completed the installation of a new Drainvac. 
Susan K.,  of Coral Springs, Fl had an older central vacuum that was installed when the home was built.  The unit began making a loud grinding noise, did not have the same suction power she was use to, and the unit had run its life span.  We replaced her vacuum with a brand new Drainvac and she absolutely "loves it", enough to give it a big hug.  

The all new Drainvac unit is quieter, more powerful and offers a better warranty than her old central vacuum.  Drainvac Central Vacuum units offer a lifetime warranty on the housing and a 25 year motor warranty.  The housing is constructed out of an ABS resin providing durable construction to withstand the heat of Florida.  The premium quality German made Domel motor offers years of quiet operation with built in silencing insulation that helps reduce motor noise.  The sleek modern design makes it a perfect fit for installation in any home. Because of the performance, reliability, and pure power all of our Drainvac customers will tell you that they "love my Drainvac". 

Susan K. purchased the 2014 Drainvac Viper Special Edition 9 gallon.  Susan had a tremendous challenge with pet hair from her two Golden Retrievers, she found the Drainvac Viper Special Edition to out perform her old unit, and is telling her friends and neighbors about how happy she is with her new Drainvac.  We have already received a call from her neighbor wanting her new Drainvac Viper Special Edition.  The best form of a compliment for us is a referral from one of our customers. 

If you're looking for a Drainvac Viper Special Edition
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If you're looking for a Drainvac installer in your area please contact us at 1-800-322-2965.
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