Friday, March 16, 2012

Sebo Pro ET-1 & Sebo Pro ET-2 Central Vacuum Power Head

What is the best central vacuum carpet attachment? The Sebo ET-1 and Sebo ET-2 rug and carpet nozzles are by far the most premium engineered carpet attachments designed for central vacuum cleaning systems. Sebo power heads offer deep cleaning of your carpets Fantastic for pet hair, pet dander, dust, dirt and dust mites. The wider head on the Sebo ET-2 allows for optimal cleaning and maneuverability around furniture and moldings, and the extension side of the head cleans and brushes right to the edge of your carpeting. The green power light on top of the power head is also a manual on/off switch. By pressing it, you may turn on or off the brush on the power head for cleaning hard floors or carpet.

If the brush roller is obstructed on the Sebo ET-1 or ET-2 the power head will shut off in three seconds, the amber light located on the top of the power head will illuminate, and the brush roller will stop rotating. Sebo's overload protection system reacts quickly to shut off and protect the belt and motor if jammed. When the clogging object is removed and reset button pressed, vacuuming can resume.

Both the Sebo ET-1 and ET-2's brush height may be adjusted with a manual 4 level height adjustment. The amber light located on top of the power head will also illuminate if the height setting is too high or if the brush roller is worn. When the machine has its handle in the upright-locked position, it is designed to shut off the brush roller. The green light does not illuminate in the upright position. The green light will illuminate only in the operating position.

This fine-tuned crafted motor is so powerful and so well built it can truly last anywhere between 40 to 50 years, easily. That's what German engineering's all about. Sebo power nozzles are built so well they guarantee their belts forever and provide a 15 year motor warranty. Sebo central vacuum carpet nozzles proved years of durability and reliability for any central vacuum owner!