Friday, November 18, 2011

The future of central vacuums has arrived!

Bonjour from! We just returned from a visit to Paris, France after visiting for a central vacuum home renovation convention. We attended the largest home show in the entire world and were astonished with what new line of products have hit the market that here in the states no one even knows of. Over eight tremendous buildings with rooms and corridors of exhibits we were privileged to attend. This enormous show was located in Paris and was called Batsmat, a yearly event bringing together thousands of new items to the masses. We have made some major connections to bring some of these European central vacuum companies such as Nilfisk, Sach Vac, Cyclovac, Aspilusa, and many others here into the States. We also have made connections to bring over new designer central vacuum inlets that have never been seen before in the United States. Since most of the central vacuum industries technology starts in Europe, we as need to feel like we are the ones that want to go to Europe and Asia to get these products and stay cutting-edge in this industry. We do this for our passion and our customers. This is the business that we're in, and we are going to strive to make it the best we can.

We are constantly in the market for the cutting edge products to bring to our customers, and can you say "ooh la la" to what we discovered! Not only is Paris the city of lights and of love but we found many European manufacturers offering cutting edge central vacuum products. We were excited to return from our trip to announce not only does carry North America's latest products, but we are going International soon to be carrying Europe's finest central vacuum units, parts and accessories.

We had the opportunity to meet with some of Europe's leading manufacturers and engineers and were very impressed with advancements and their takes on filtration. While in Paris it was nice to see that these companies are as anxious as we are to work with each other. We are in the works of providing these products in the beginning of this coming New Year. We can almost guarantee that we will be the first dealer to bring these products into the United States. As time goes by we will begin introducing these new manufactures to you the public and our loyal customers.

In the next few blogs we will introduce these companies that are aiming their sights on North America. Please keep posted for more breaking news and you hear it firsts. Thanks again for visiting your leading central vacuum headquarters and enjoy.

As a gift to you, for reading this blog, call in and ask for Iris. By mentioning this blog, you will receive a $10 gift certificate towards anything on our site. This offer ends on November 25th, 2011. It's just another way of thanking our customers and showing how much we appreciate them. More information will follow about this trip to Paris and the wonderful connections we've made. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 800-322-2965.