Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays from Thinkvacuums!

Happy Holidays from the staff at!
We here at have been blessed to have so many customers this past year and we look forward to providing the lowest prices and best quality customer service this New Year! With the ever growing business and expansion of, we have been able to bring on more staff to make sure our customers receive even better customer service and faster shipments.

We would like to welcome to our staff Brian, Madeleine, Pablo and Vince and we thank them for all their hard work. We also were greeted by Roger Boucher the International Sales Manager for Drainvac International this holiday season. It was an honor to spend time with close friends and colleagues at our company Christmas party this year and our entire staff wants to wish all of our customers a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!
As a Thank You to our customers mention this blog and receive $15.00 off any order of $25.00 or more. Offer expires on 12/28/12 so act fast!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Customer Review of the Purvac Killer Whale Central Vacuum

Rating – 4.5 stars (would be 5 except for suction noise)
Service by ThinkVacuums – Very good, before and after the sale
Suction of Killer Whale unit – extremely strong.
Noise –reasonable in garage or at power head on carpet, but VERY loud on hardwood floors and when dusting
Installation – easy, took an hour at most to replace the old central unit we had

Our home is about 4,000 square feet in size. Our 20-year-old central vac burned out, so we bought the PurVac Killer Whale because we had an available 220v outlet right near the 110v that the old unit had been plugged into, and we wanted maximum suction power. If we had it to do over again, we probably would buy the Great White instead because (and you might find this hard to believe) the Killer Whale is TOO good. Its suction power is terrific. But for that reason, it may take some getting used to if you are replacing a burned out old unit, as we were. For instance vacuuming thin metal blinds will bend the blinds, and the circumference of suction is larger, capturing small items much further from the nozzle than you may be accustomed to, such as when counters or dresser tops are dusted. Also, keeping the dusting attachment from sucking down tight against a smooth surface is difficult. The suction is a force to be reckoned with.

The Killer Whale noise output at the main unit (in the garage) was actually quieter than the old unit although its suction was at least twice as good. The lower noise output at the central unit is probably due to the three mufflers that come with the unit – two on the air intakes and one large “can-type” on the exhaust. But the noise in the room where hardwood floors are swept or when dusting is extreme. Again, this is purely because of the massive suction the unit generates. Using a sweeper head that allows for greater air passage decreases the noise somewhat, but my wife still uses earplugs when she sweeps the hardwood floors. She has no problem at all with the noise output when sweeping carpeted rooms because it is greatly reduced by the carpet and pad being swept.

As for sales and service support, we were pleased. The staff were very polite and helpful, and not at all pushy prior to the sale. (Shawn and Iris are two names I remember and both were very friendly.) There was a very small omission mistake in the included parts, but when I phoned, they mailed the piece immediately to rectify the oversight. Also, when we considered returning the unit to replace it with a weaker one (like the Great White), the owner advised we try buying new sweeping a dusting heads, as well as a $17.00 safety valve to decrease suction when the blinds get sucked in. He advised this to help us avoid paying shipping both ways plus a 10% restocking fee, all of which could cost us as much as $150. But further testing revealed that the valve would only kick in and work AFTER the blinds got sucked to the dusting head, and the damage would be done anyway. Also, the valve would not decrease the noise loudness on hardwoods. We decided to “get used to the noise” and mollify ourselves with the realization that the cleanliness of our carpets would be improved because of the better suction. Bottom line – don’t overbuy. The Great White 110v unit will probably suffice for most large homes.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Car & Garage Kits - Great Gifts for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner if you're searching for that perfect gift for your husband or dad look no further the ultimate car and garage kit is a great gift for guys! Perfect for detailing your car, cleaning the garage or vacuuming up dust in the work shop the ultimate car and garage kit is designed to deliver optimal cleaning. 

Have you ever been plagued with the duty of cleaning up your garage or car and not have a handy cleaning device? Your problems are solved with this innovative solution. Designed with the garage in mind, the ultimate car and garage kit helps you organize your space and gives you all the tools you need to keep it clean. Available in 30 or 50 ft. length the ultimate car and garage kit allows you to reach into even the toughest spots. Each 30 ft. attachment set comes with Round dusting brush with tough extra-long nylon bristles. Upholstery tool, crevice tool, hose hanger & see-thru mesh caddy bag. 

The 50 ft. attachment set comes with round dusting brush with tough extra-long nylon bristles upholstery tool, slide on upholstery brush with tough nylon bristles, crevice tool, curved wand with cuff and full swivel, 2 18" molded straight wands, 14" extra-wide floor tool with long lasting natural bristles, &  hose hanger see-thru mesh caddy bag. The ultimate car and garage kits come with a bright orange hose helps reduce the chance of identically damaging the hose. This utility attachment set makes the perfect gift for any man.

For more information on car and garage kits, check out our site here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sebo Felix Upright Vacuums - Does Your Wife Want Bling?

This limited edition model is only available for a short time. Never a company has ever introduced such beauty and power all in one. The Swarovski Crystal SEBO Onyx is the perfect gift for the holidays. Engineered to be not only elegant but to operate with superior performance the Swarovski Crystal SEBO Onyx is by far a premium German built upright vacuum. What is it that makes this SEBO different from the SEBO Onyx? The SEBO Crytstal Onyx offers a stylish Textile Exhaust Filter with 100% genuine Swarovski Crystals. Super lightweight and maneuverable the SEBO Swarovski Crystal Felix Onyx allows for easy operation with its 180 degree steering ability and its low profile design enables you to get under and around things with ease. Its four level manual height adjustment helps the SEBO Crystal Onyx to contour to all types of carpeted surfaces. The SEBO Felix Crystal Onyx also comes with a parquet brush; this is perfectly designed for cleaning for bare floors.

The Crystal SEBO Felix Onyx offers an integrated hose handle simply pull it out and use it to clean hard-to-reach corners, edges and crevices, with the included crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle. For special tasks, attach other optional SEBO attachments. The SEBO Crystal Felix Onyx has an ET1 power head brush that offers a deep action clean by aggressively cleaning carpeting. For hard floors and extremely gentle rugs, you can turn the brush roller off by pressing the power switch/indicator on the top of the head. And you can remove, clean or change the brush roller with the press of a button. Behind the stylish surface of the Crystal SEBO Felix Onyx hides an ultra-modern S-class exhaust microfilter that not only provides excellent filtration, but it also absorbs motor noise, resulting in extremely quiet operation.

For one time only is offering this Swarovski Crystal Textile Exhaust Filter for the SEBO Onyx a $110.00 value absolutely free with the purchase of the SEBO Onyx. We have only three in stock and this offer is valid while supplies last. Mention this blog to take advantage of the Swarovski Crystal SEBO give away. Call in to place the order and ask for Dan.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The All New Turbocat Pro is proud to introduce the all new Turbocat Pro. The Turbocat Pro is the next generation in air driven turbine powered carpet nozzles. Manufactured with a newly designed deep cleaning agitator the Turbocat Pro will pull dirt from deep-down within the carpeting for a truly thorough clean. 
The all new Turbocat Pro harnesses the power of your central vacuum system to operate its high speed twin fan chamber turbine, allowing for a faster spinning brush roller to agitate the carpeting leaving a well groomed look. It's self-tensioning, non-slip belt assures the brush roller to spin at maximum performance with less vibration, and reduces the noise by half making the Turbocat Pro much quieter compared to most air-driven nozzles in the central vacuum market. The Turbocat Pro was engineered with a sleek low-profile design for optimum maneuverability. 
Light weight and versatile you will love the performance or the Turbocat Pro's 13" extra-wide cleaning vacuum path allowing for edge to edge cleaning. With the Turbocat Pro's larger air intake port provides improved cleaning performance allowing for more dirt and debris to be vacuumed up with less effort. Available in a brilliant metallic candy apple red the Turbocat Pro is not only stylish, but durable as well. Designed with years of service in mind the Turbocat Pro is built with a durable ABS housing and high impact bumper guards that make it perfect for cleaning under furniture without worries of damaging the Turbocat Pro or your furniture.
This sensational new turbo nozzle is so well designed it is even backed by an exclusive lifetime "No Fault" warranty!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Central Vacuum Attachments & Parts

When shopping for central vacuum attachments you want to ensure you are getting the proper attachments that suit your needs. If you have a majority of carpeting refer to complete attachment kits with electric power nozzles. The carpet nozzles in these central vacuum attachment kits allow for the electric powered brush to agitate the carpet fiber.  

These premium electric carpet attachments are effective in removing dirt, grime, hair, sand and debris that is deeply embedded in the carpets fibers. The revolving brush roller also turns up the nap in your carpeting for a clean, fresh groomed look. The revolving brush roller provides consistent rotating power to the carpet surface and aids in lifting up embedded dirt out from deep within the carpet. 

We carry a large variety of electric central vacuum attachment kits for homes with bare floors and low, medium, or high pile carpeting. All electric attachment kits come with all the tools and accessories to properly clean and maintain your living environment. 

If your home has a majority of bare floor surfaces and very little carpeting you should refer to air driven attachment kits. These attachment kits include Basic Attachment kits/Attachment kits for Bare Floors/Attachment kits with Air Driven Nozzles. These kits are specifically designed for homes with bare floors and minimal or low pile carpeting. The basic attachment set comes with a crush-proof light weight hose. The handle of this hose also features an air-relief valve to reduce airflow when cleaning more delicate draperies and upholstery. It also includes two metal extension pipes with a convenient tool storage bag and a hose hanger. The slim profile of the crevice tool allows the user to clean in tight corners and narrow spaces. Bare floor attachment kits offer cleaning power with non-motorized accessories. This kit is considered a straight "air suction kit".  

Bare floor kits such as the wood and tile floor kit consist of low voltage hoses, which are a higher quality straight suction hose with an on/off switch. Giving you the option to turn the central vacuum on or off directly from the handle of the hose and the wood and tile floor kit comes with a series of attachments designed to cover all aspects of cleaning all bare floor surfaces. An attachment kit with an air-driven nozzle is designed for homes with bare floors and low to medium pile carpeting, as well as throw rugs and area rugs. These accessories are good for cleaning up dirt and dust closer to the surface of your carpet. This uses the power of your central vacuum to turn a specifically designed turbine driven revolving brush roller. These air-driven turbo kits work well are light weight and very easy to maintenance.

Better quality central vacuum attachments.
We at highly recommend if you have a pet hair issue to consider going with an electric powered attachment kit to get a deeper clean for your carpeting. Air driven turbo kits do not work well with pet hair due to more servicing may be needed to maintain the life expectancy of this nozzle. All air-driven attachment kits just as the complete electric  kits come with all the tools and accessories to properly clean and maintain your living environment.  We at offer the best selection of premium attachment kits for your central vacuum system. If you have any trouble in selecting what attachment kit will work best for you contact our friendly customer service staff members at 1800.322.2965 

If you are a reader of this blog, and mention that you saw this attachment ad, receive an additional $10 off any attachment kit we carry on call-in orders only. Expires October 15, 2012.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Turbocat TP210

The Turbocat TP210 is a sleek and powerful air driven turbine carpet attachment that uses the suction power of your central vacuum to provide a deep, detailed clean for your living environment. The Turbocat's high speed turbine harnesses the suction power of the central vacuum then begins to spin at a very high RPM, the rotation of the turbine with the suction of the vacuum generates the air flow needed to produce exceptional clean. With its DeepSweep brush roller the Turbocat TP210 effectively agitates the carpeting bringing all the dust, dirt and debris that are imbedded deep within the carpeting or rugs to the surface. 

The bristles of the brush roller are strategically designed and placed on the roller assembly to enhance cleaning performance by separating carpet fibers. The TP210 also uses an ultra-durable cogged belt providing continual performance that surpasses the conventional flat belts. The Turbocat TP210's low profile design allows this turbo nozzle to be extremely maneuverable and versatile.

The T shape of TP210 by Turbocat allows for the nozzle to make its way around furniture and molding with ease, and its 13 inch cleaning path lets you vacuum larger areas in half the time. The Turbocat TP210 is by far one of the most reliable air driven central vacuum carpet nozzles on the market.

If you're interested in replacing an entire Turbocat TP210 package, click here.

Monday, August 20, 2012

What does the Exorcist and vacuuming have in common?

All New WallyFlex Hose Management System is proud to introduce the all new WallyFlex by Trovac Industries! An all new versatile hose management system designed for simple instillation and easy to use operation, the WallyFlex is becoming one of the hottest central vacuum products of 2012. 

 WallyFlex is a flexible 13ft / 4m low voltage auxiliary central vacuum hose that connects to any standard vacuum inlet. You attach the WallyFlex to the back plate of your new or existing wall inlet mounting bracket/plate. Then attach your WallyFlex console onto the back plate and your new WallyFlex is ready to be used!

 The WallyFlex acts as like a personal butler, always there when you need it for even a daily clean up. Voted by the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association (VDTA) as best new product of the year this product speaks volumes. The WalleyFlex may be used safely with any central vacuum system and virtually with almost every standard vacuum attachment. So versatile the all new WallyFlex wall mounted hose system can be mounted almost anywhere. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, front entrances, hallways and garages the WallyFlex allows for quick removal of gravel, dirt, dust and debris.

 Its brilliant design offers easy usage and tangle-free hose design ensures the WallyFlex years of reliable service. Treat yourself and discover the advantages of WallyFlex. Click here to read more about the WallyFlex.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Duovac Central Vacuums Top Rated for 2012/13

Top Rated For 2012/13
We here at are proud to announce that Duovac central vacuum systems by Nuera air has once again won 1st prize at the Consumer Choice Award for the Montreal metropolitan are for the 17th Year in a row! The best judges of a product are the consumers that use it and the public has selected Duovac as the leading choice for central vacuums. This award demonstrates the devotion, commitment and excellence that Nuera air puts into designing and engineering each Duovac central vacuum. No other central vacuum manufacturer provides a more durable and reliable vacuum like Duovac does. With five different models available the Duovac Spirit, Air 10, Star, Signature 180i and Air 50 you can find a vacuum to fit your needs and home size. All units come with the option to be used bag or bag less and are covered under a lifetime warranty excluding the spirit series. 

Powerful premium performance motors are designed to produce high air-watts (suction power) and function for years of service. All Duovac systems are manufactured with ultra-quiet acoustic material helping to keep motor noise down while the unit is in operation.  Each Duovac central vacuum offers optimum filtration with its German DuoFibre Quick Washable Filter. The German engineered Herculon filter has the capacity to filter particles as fine as flour (0.1 micron at 97.5% efficiency) while maintaining its "breathability." Lifetime filter never needs to be replaced. It's no wonder Duovac has been chosen as a consumer choice winner; loaded with tons of features, reliable and affordably priced this central vacuum has it all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Duovac Spirit

The all new DuoVac Spirit is the most recent creation by Nuera central vacuum systems. Duovacs Spirit power unit was designed for the small to medium sized homes; this power unit is perfect for even apartments and condos and produces 642 air watts (suction power). The Spirit is a compact yet powerful complete central vacuum system designed to cover up to 3,000 square ft.  With a sleek design and measurements of, 19.29"h x 11.375"d, makes it adaptable to fit virtually anywhere and can be mounted to accommodate space requirements for any home. 

The Duovac Spirit is not only a powerful but is also a reliable vacuum unit with its premium Ametek-Lamb Advantek II - Plus flow-thru motor. The Duovac Spirit's motor also has a unique slow start up and cool down motor feature, allowing a gentile buildup of power and slowed down shut off to help prolong the life of the motor. The Spirit central vacuum system uses a filtration bag providing better air quality and prevents contact with dust, dirt and other harmful allergens. The DuoVac Spirit has a 4.7 gallon dust receptacle for easy disposal of all the vacuumed up debris.  With a Limited Lifetime housing and motor warranty, the average lifespan of this unit is about 15-20 years.  Duovac continues to be a pioneering force in the central vacuum industry with introducing the all new Duovac Spirit power unit. 

For more information on the Duovac Spirit, click here.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Central Vacuum Attachments

Whether purchasing a new central vacuum or just performing regular up keep on an existing vacuum there are five basic tools to help you keep your central vacuum system running at peak performance.

Activac II exhaust filterIf venting a central vacuum system inside your living environment such as a basement, garage, and closet or storage room one of the main key items needed is the Activac II. The Activac II is a Hepa exhaust filter that mounts to the side of any single motor central vacuum system and acts as a central vacuum muffler and Hepa filter. This Activac II helps to cut down on noise pollution, eliminates odors, captures carbon dust and filters down to .03 microns. Allowing you to breathe easier and quiet down the vacuums decibel level in your home the Activac II is a must have item.

Tornado Maintenance Cloths for Central VacuumsKeeping your central vacuum system clog free is another main concern. With Tornado Power maintenance cloths it's the do it yourself way of maintaining your central vacuum piping.  The Tornado Power cloths get sucked up into you central vacuum hose and clear your hose of any buildup that could potentially cause a clog or blockage. The maintenance cloths then work their way through your central vacuum pipe lines clearing any dirt, hair or build up that can cause your central vacuum to clog and reduce suction. While the Tornado Power cloths work their way through they also deodorize and give off a fresh clean scent. This helps keep your hose and central vacuum from holding that old nasty vacuum smell. Tornado Power maintenance cloths will keep your central vac running properly and by clearing out the pipe line in your home can help prevent costly service calls and repairs.

Central Vacuum Motor Safety ValveWhen it comes to protecting your investment the Red Motor/Fire Safety Valve is a no brainer. The Motor Safety Valve is designed as an air relief system. This valve was designed to help protect your central vacuum motor from serious damages caused by blockages in your vacuum system. If a blockage occurs while vacuuming, The Red Motor Safety Valve will open up allowing cool air flow into the central vacuum motor. This will prevent the motor from overheating and burning up or even worse causing a potential fire. The Motor Safety Valve is one of the best investments for any central vacuum system.  This air relief valve is easy to install and will protect not only your central vacuum but will help extend the life of your vacuum motor. This must have item is affordable and provides years of protection and is highly recommend by our staff here at 

Central Vacuum DeodorizerIf you have pets or just can't get rid of that vacuum smell Feather Lite carpet and vacuum freshener is a very good item to use. The central vacuum deodorizing fragrance not only deodorizes your carpets and floors, but also deodorizes your central vacuum pipes and unit. The Feather Lite central vacuums deodorizer eliminates pet odors, tobacco odors, mold and mildew odors, dirt, dust smells, cooking odors etc. Don't let your carpeting or central vacuum small make sure to use Feather Lite carpet and central vacuum deodorizing fragrance.

By using these 4 items together will ensure your vacuum maintains proper suction, reliability and will keep it odor free.  These items are all affordable and can help save you from costly repairs down the road. Trust us your vacuum will thank you.

 If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask our staff of vacuum experts at 1-800-322-2965

Friday, May 18, 2012

Duovac Central Vacuums

One of the best selling lines of central vacuum systems available in the United States is the Duovac line of central vacuums. This is the only vacuum company that offers a 100% True Lifetime Warranty on Everything. Duovac introduced the Elite performance series with the Duovac Air 10, The Star Plus, 180i Signature and the Air 50. All Duovac Central Vacuums feature New, more powerful motors with high efficiency operation technology. The Duovac line of central vacuums features a powerful American made, Ametek Lamb motor with a double stage fan system. These engines feature Maximum suction power while being exceptionally quiet. All Duovac Central Vacuums come with an intergraded acoustic sound suppressing system. The tangential exhaust gives optimal cooling to the motor, which also gives it greater durability. There is a motor overload safety reset button, and an LED performance display. These features are advancements in the central vacuum industry to help maintain and keep your system running at optimum performance for life.

All Duovac central vacuums also feature German Engineered Filtration systems with superior capture of allergens, bacteria and moisture. This high performance filtration system traps 97.5% of particles as small as .1 microns. Allergens, Bacteria, and moisture are trapped providing superior air quality. The filter is a permanent filter that is washable. It also features True HEPA filtration. This system features a hybrid design that can be used with or without a filtration bag.

Their modern and distinctive look set them apart from other Central Vacuum Systems.  Known as the Silver Bullet in the central vacuum industry Duovac central vacuums provide a sleek design and legendary pearl or brushed aluminum finish for a classic look.

The surface is also non corrosive and will resist puncture’s due to rust. The Chrome handles are also non corrosive, and facilitate easy emptying. Finally, there is a Large Capacity Duomax dirt receptacle with a oval shape increasing cyclonic action and providing better dirt pick-up. We highly recommend this Top ar d Line Central Vacuum System. Its features and benefits will offer outstanding value and service to you and your family for years to come.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Airvac Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Solutions
Airvac was established in 1882 and is considered as one of the pioneers in the vacuum industry. Today they are still known as one of leading central vacuum systems purchased by builders and the public. Airvac central systems are known for their reliability and affordability. Airvac offers a full line of bagged style and cyclonic style bag less central vacuum units. Airvac central vacuum system has been designed in such a way that it will easily fit into your home. It has a modular design with nested components to minimize the utilization of space. This type of design also ensures that this central vacuum system can be easily installed and handled. Airvac systems can easily be installed in new homes as well as existing homes with easy access connection ports.

AirVac Central VacuumsThe bagged lines of central vacuums by Airvac are listed as the AVP series and the bag less line of vacuums is listed as the AVR line. The AVP lines of bagged central vacuums are also known as the platinum series of Airvacs central vacuums. These units offer superior filtration. Also known as the "blue line" the platinum series offers high-efficiency due to the two-stage filtration process. This helps in providing superior cleaning compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. 

AirVac Central VacuumsThe AVR line bag less systems otherwise known as "red line" are designed with a built-in permanent fabric filter in the power unit. Due to this unit runs as a cyclonic unit it is recommended to be vented outside for ultimate filtration. We at recommend the bagged units due to the fact that using a paper bag helps to eliminate allergy laden particles and provide a more hygienic way of disposing your dirt. The AVP series also offers a 10 year warranty compared to the AVR series providing only a 5 year warranty. Airvac central vacuum systems are once again showing high volume being one of Americas leading choices for central vacuum systems.

For more information on bagged vs bagless systems, click here.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sebo Pro ET-1 & Sebo Pro ET-2 Central Vacuum Power Head

What is the best central vacuum carpet attachment? The Sebo ET-1 and Sebo ET-2 rug and carpet nozzles are by far the most premium engineered carpet attachments designed for central vacuum cleaning systems. Sebo power heads offer deep cleaning of your carpets Fantastic for pet hair, pet dander, dust, dirt and dust mites. The wider head on the Sebo ET-2 allows for optimal cleaning and maneuverability around furniture and moldings, and the extension side of the head cleans and brushes right to the edge of your carpeting. The green power light on top of the power head is also a manual on/off switch. By pressing it, you may turn on or off the brush on the power head for cleaning hard floors or carpet.

If the brush roller is obstructed on the Sebo ET-1 or ET-2 the power head will shut off in three seconds, the amber light located on the top of the power head will illuminate, and the brush roller will stop rotating. Sebo's overload protection system reacts quickly to shut off and protect the belt and motor if jammed. When the clogging object is removed and reset button pressed, vacuuming can resume.

Both the Sebo ET-1 and ET-2's brush height may be adjusted with a manual 4 level height adjustment. The amber light located on top of the power head will also illuminate if the height setting is too high or if the brush roller is worn. When the machine has its handle in the upright-locked position, it is designed to shut off the brush roller. The green light does not illuminate in the upright position. The green light will illuminate only in the operating position.

This fine-tuned crafted motor is so powerful and so well built it can truly last anywhere between 40 to 50 years, easily. That's what German engineering's all about. Sebo power nozzles are built so well they guarantee their belts forever and provide a 15 year motor warranty. Sebo central vacuum carpet nozzles proved years of durability and reliability for any central vacuum owner!