Thursday, July 5, 2012

Duovac Central Vacuums Top Rated for 2012/13

Top Rated For 2012/13
We here at are proud to announce that Duovac central vacuum systems by Nuera air has once again won 1st prize at the Consumer Choice Award for the Montreal metropolitan are for the 17th Year in a row! The best judges of a product are the consumers that use it and the public has selected Duovac as the leading choice for central vacuums. This award demonstrates the devotion, commitment and excellence that Nuera air puts into designing and engineering each Duovac central vacuum. No other central vacuum manufacturer provides a more durable and reliable vacuum like Duovac does. With five different models available the Duovac Spirit, Air 10, Star, Signature 180i and Air 50 you can find a vacuum to fit your needs and home size. All units come with the option to be used bag or bag less and are covered under a lifetime warranty excluding the spirit series. 

Powerful premium performance motors are designed to produce high air-watts (suction power) and function for years of service. All Duovac systems are manufactured with ultra-quiet acoustic material helping to keep motor noise down while the unit is in operation.  Each Duovac central vacuum offers optimum filtration with its German DuoFibre Quick Washable Filter. The German engineered Herculon filter has the capacity to filter particles as fine as flour (0.1 micron at 97.5% efficiency) while maintaining its "breathability." Lifetime filter never needs to be replaced. It's no wonder Duovac has been chosen as a consumer choice winner; loaded with tons of features, reliable and affordably priced this central vacuum has it all.