Friday, April 27, 2012

Airvac Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Solutions
Airvac was established in 1882 and is considered as one of the pioneers in the vacuum industry. Today they are still known as one of leading central vacuum systems purchased by builders and the public. Airvac central systems are known for their reliability and affordability. Airvac offers a full line of bagged style and cyclonic style bag less central vacuum units. Airvac central vacuum system has been designed in such a way that it will easily fit into your home. It has a modular design with nested components to minimize the utilization of space. This type of design also ensures that this central vacuum system can be easily installed and handled. Airvac systems can easily be installed in new homes as well as existing homes with easy access connection ports.

AirVac Central VacuumsThe bagged lines of central vacuums by Airvac are listed as the AVP series and the bag less line of vacuums is listed as the AVR line. The AVP lines of bagged central vacuums are also known as the platinum series of Airvacs central vacuums. These units offer superior filtration. Also known as the "blue line" the platinum series offers high-efficiency due to the two-stage filtration process. This helps in providing superior cleaning compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. 

AirVac Central VacuumsThe AVR line bag less systems otherwise known as "red line" are designed with a built-in permanent fabric filter in the power unit. Due to this unit runs as a cyclonic unit it is recommended to be vented outside for ultimate filtration. We at recommend the bagged units due to the fact that using a paper bag helps to eliminate allergy laden particles and provide a more hygienic way of disposing your dirt. The AVP series also offers a 10 year warranty compared to the AVR series providing only a 5 year warranty. Airvac central vacuum systems are once again showing high volume being one of Americas leading choices for central vacuum systems.

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