Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introducing a great new product...

Thinkvacuums introduces yet another great product to the central vacuum market. The exhaust vent deflector...what does it do? Do I need it? Will it stop my rodent problem?

First, everyone who owns a central vacuum and vents outside should buy this product. This one product solves all of the problems people face when exhausting a central vacuum outside. It was developed to keep out birds, rodents, and other crawling animals like snakes, etc...you get the idea. From entering your home via the central vacuum pipes.

In most weather conditions, it also covers and deflects rain, snow, sleet, and sun rays. Installation couldn't be easier, it installs in minutes by simply covering the existing central vacuum vent.

Could it stop smaller animals? No, it wasn't designed for that.
We've never been a real fan of exhausting outside, click here to read some truths about outside venting.

To check out the Central Vacuum Exhaust Vent Deflector, click here.