Friday, October 26, 2012

The All New Turbocat Pro is proud to introduce the all new Turbocat Pro. The Turbocat Pro is the next generation in air driven turbine powered carpet nozzles. Manufactured with a newly designed deep cleaning agitator the Turbocat Pro will pull dirt from deep-down within the carpeting for a truly thorough clean. 
The all new Turbocat Pro harnesses the power of your central vacuum system to operate its high speed twin fan chamber turbine, allowing for a faster spinning brush roller to agitate the carpeting leaving a well groomed look. It's self-tensioning, non-slip belt assures the brush roller to spin at maximum performance with less vibration, and reduces the noise by half making the Turbocat Pro much quieter compared to most air-driven nozzles in the central vacuum market. The Turbocat Pro was engineered with a sleek low-profile design for optimum maneuverability. 
Light weight and versatile you will love the performance or the Turbocat Pro's 13" extra-wide cleaning vacuum path allowing for edge to edge cleaning. With the Turbocat Pro's larger air intake port provides improved cleaning performance allowing for more dirt and debris to be vacuumed up with less effort. Available in a brilliant metallic candy apple red the Turbocat Pro is not only stylish, but durable as well. Designed with years of service in mind the Turbocat Pro is built with a durable ABS housing and high impact bumper guards that make it perfect for cleaning under furniture without worries of damaging the Turbocat Pro or your furniture.
This sensational new turbo nozzle is so well designed it is even backed by an exclusive lifetime "No Fault" warranty!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Central Vacuum Attachments & Parts

When shopping for central vacuum attachments you want to ensure you are getting the proper attachments that suit your needs. If you have a majority of carpeting refer to complete attachment kits with electric power nozzles. The carpet nozzles in these central vacuum attachment kits allow for the electric powered brush to agitate the carpet fiber.  

These premium electric carpet attachments are effective in removing dirt, grime, hair, sand and debris that is deeply embedded in the carpets fibers. The revolving brush roller also turns up the nap in your carpeting for a clean, fresh groomed look. The revolving brush roller provides consistent rotating power to the carpet surface and aids in lifting up embedded dirt out from deep within the carpet. 

We carry a large variety of electric central vacuum attachment kits for homes with bare floors and low, medium, or high pile carpeting. All electric attachment kits come with all the tools and accessories to properly clean and maintain your living environment. 

If your home has a majority of bare floor surfaces and very little carpeting you should refer to air driven attachment kits. These attachment kits include Basic Attachment kits/Attachment kits for Bare Floors/Attachment kits with Air Driven Nozzles. These kits are specifically designed for homes with bare floors and minimal or low pile carpeting. The basic attachment set comes with a crush-proof light weight hose. The handle of this hose also features an air-relief valve to reduce airflow when cleaning more delicate draperies and upholstery. It also includes two metal extension pipes with a convenient tool storage bag and a hose hanger. The slim profile of the crevice tool allows the user to clean in tight corners and narrow spaces. Bare floor attachment kits offer cleaning power with non-motorized accessories. This kit is considered a straight "air suction kit".  

Bare floor kits such as the wood and tile floor kit consist of low voltage hoses, which are a higher quality straight suction hose with an on/off switch. Giving you the option to turn the central vacuum on or off directly from the handle of the hose and the wood and tile floor kit comes with a series of attachments designed to cover all aspects of cleaning all bare floor surfaces. An attachment kit with an air-driven nozzle is designed for homes with bare floors and low to medium pile carpeting, as well as throw rugs and area rugs. These accessories are good for cleaning up dirt and dust closer to the surface of your carpet. This uses the power of your central vacuum to turn a specifically designed turbine driven revolving brush roller. These air-driven turbo kits work well are light weight and very easy to maintenance.

Better quality central vacuum attachments.
We at highly recommend if you have a pet hair issue to consider going with an electric powered attachment kit to get a deeper clean for your carpeting. Air driven turbo kits do not work well with pet hair due to more servicing may be needed to maintain the life expectancy of this nozzle. All air-driven attachment kits just as the complete electric  kits come with all the tools and accessories to properly clean and maintain your living environment.  We at offer the best selection of premium attachment kits for your central vacuum system. If you have any trouble in selecting what attachment kit will work best for you contact our friendly customer service staff members at 1800.322.2965 

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