Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome Roger to Thinkvacuums!

We here at are always looking to grow in the central vacuum industry. Providing better products and better ways to improve a customer's shopping experience is always our top priority. We consider ourselves to be one of the leading dealers and retailers for central vacuums, commercial vacuums and household vacuum cleaners. Growing and expanding is always good for business but with growth comes responsibility to provide even better customer service to our clients. We would like to welcome the latest member of our family Roger. 

Roger has joined our web development staff to bring a more enhanced website for an even better shopping experience. We want to ensure that when shopping for a central vacuum you are able to navigate throughout our business from the comfort of home with ease. We provide information on central vacuum installation, vacuum comparisons, central vacuum facts, troubleshooting for commercial, central and household vacuums. Our motto has always been “A well informed customer is our best customer.” 

We believe in providing you with the proper tools to do the research and find the best vacuums for your needs! Our customer service staff is always available for any questions you may have and our technical support staff is always glad to assist with any questions you may have. With the addition of Roger we hope to make your shopping experience continue to be a pleasant one with us here at Can't find what you're looking for on our website for your central vacuum system? 

Try our new easy navigation page here . You will be able to browse by manufacturer and choose exactly what part, attachment, accessory or vacuum you need.