Friday, October 3, 2008

The All New Drainvac Central Vacuum Series

The Drainvac central vacuum company recently released three all new central vacuum series, assuring that their is a vacuum for everyone. Starting with the PRO series which is great for contractors, builders or anyone on a limited budget. With the PRO series you can get all the strength and quality you come to expect from a Drainvac, without the costs. The new PRO series also features a new "self-venting" features so you will never have to worry about venting it outside.

Next up is the Generation 2 series. The Generation series gives you all the power and quality of the PRO series with an added venting option, quieter design and is made from an even more durable material. With a new modern appearance with power to match, the Generation 2 is a perfect fit for almost any situation.

Lastly, the all new revolutionary Drainvac SUMMUM series. With an all new sleek appeal, 4 color selection and modern body style, the SUMMUM series is the future of central vacuums. The all new Drainvac SUMMUM series is truly a "Green Living" central vacuum. With it's powerful European motor, super quiet operation and "Smart Touch" indicator panel, the Drainvac SUMMUM series will blow the competition away.

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