Friday, October 10, 2008

American Express Problems...

Being that is one of the largest vacuum dealers in the industry, it is not un-commom for us to hear all the "he said, she said" going around in the vacuum world. We were recently informed that another central vacuum internet site has run into a problem with American Express and this problem may trickle on down to their customers.

Maybe it has something to do with today's economy, maybe it had to do with the "credit freeze" that has hindered many other business, but for some reason this company's credit line has been greatly diminished. What this means is this company's Amex limit has gone from a high number to a very low number, which can hinder them paying bills or paying employees. This means that the prices of a lot of items are going up to make up for this. Prices on smaller items will go up a couple dollars because customers will not notice the change and they can get away with it.

We want to warn our customers and potential customers about this other central vacuum internet site. When a company grows so accustom to having this large credit line they tend to stock up and run up bills, now this same company will have a hard time paying for things and may not stay in business for much longer. This could be a big problem for feature technical support or warranty work. So we urge our customers to be aware.

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