Monday, September 29, 2008

Shipping To Canada...And Why We Don't Do It

Central vacuum systems are as popular in Canada as garbage disposals are here in the States. For this reason some America Internet sites have started selling products in Canada. Although we're sure there's plenty of money to be made doing this, the hassle and uncertainty involved is not worth it.

We ship out hundreds of packages a day via UPS, USPS and others and we have our fair share of boxes damaged during shipping. We also have customers that want to exchange or upgrade an item after receiving their package. Now imagine shipping these same items to Canada and all the fees incurred when a customer has to mail it back.

Customs is always an issue as well, and most importantly, warranty work. When you purchase a vacuum sold here in the States and need warranty work done, where are you going to take it? More often then not you have to mail your vacuum or part in for repair, so just imagine the costs. If for some reason you are not happy with an item you purchased from a company that ships to Canada, you will have to spend money on Duties, Taxes, Brokerage Fees etc. These expenses are also not covered under any return policy.

We have heard many horror stories from customers who have experienced this and basically lost their money when they returned an item. If you purchase a $100 dollar item you will have free shipping, however if for some reason you do not like your item, you may end up paying $50 - $60 JUST to send it back, then your credit will be minus the companies shipping costs, which was $50-$60. This may leave you $120 in the hole, simply because you did not like an item.

Here is an example of another Internet companies return policy on items shipped to Canada...

"Shipping costs on returned items will be at the expense of the customer except in the event of defective merchandise. Taxes, Duties, and Brokerage Fees are not covered. The customer is solely responsible for all Canadian imposed Taxes, Duties, and Brokerage Fees"

Although we have thought long and hard about moving into the Canadian market, we do not feel it's worth it to us or our customers.

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