Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Old "Pat On The Back"

We all enjoy a little pat on the back once in a while, but some people can get a little carried away. We serve hundreds of customers a day, and we have our share of positive customer feedback and testimonials, but it seems that other central vacuum companies try to go out of their way to put these testimonials in customers faces. We appreciate our customer's e-mails, especially knowing how hard it can be to find the time to do such things, but we try hard not to over power our customers with them.

We try our best to keep our blog as informative as possible and by doing so helping out our customers and potential customers. That is why we have a blog, not to brag or pat ourselves on the back, but to keep you informed on the latest products and services in the central vacuum world. We have noticed that on some other central vacuum internet blogs that every other blog seems to be nothing but testimonials. How is this helpful to a customer? Not only that, but how many customer testimonial emails can a company get in a day..realistically? We will leave that up to your imagination.

So when your cruising around the internet, be careful, some companies just want to pat themselves on the back, rather then give helpful information.