Friday, April 12, 2013

Nutone VX 475 Central Vacuum - Power & Durability

Central Vacuum Systems
Nutone is one of the vacuum cleaner manufacturers that set the tone in the vacuuming industry with their highly efficient and originally designed appliances. They offer three different bag models ideal for three different surface ranges. The Nutone VX475 is the introductory model of its series and it works its wonders on surfaces up to 4000 square meters. 

The Nutone VX475 vacuum cleaner is indeed music for your ear because it makes very little noise, so it allows you to rediscover the pleasure of vacuuming. Well, of course, you might not find any pleasure in this chore, but at least you will find it less annoying. The internal sound suppression system also suppresses the discomfort. The motor of this appliance is a two-stage one that produces 475 watts, 114 cubic feet per meter of airflow and 90 inches of suction power. Its voltage is set at 120 volts and its power at 15 amps. 

Usually, the main problem with household appliances is that the replacement operations are very cumbersome and therefore quite scary. Fortunately, this is not the case with this vacuum cleaner. The six-gallon dust bag can be changed in the blink of an eye thanks to the easy access door created by the designers of this model. This is not the only advantageous feature of the VX475 model as far as the dust bag is concerned. Its very design and filtration capacities are also astounding. For instance, once the air goes in, it can never go out because of the self-sealing collar, so you are as safe as you can be with this dust bag. The HEPA filtration system works its wonders here too, so in other words, this vacuum cleaner really dusts the dust away, so to speak. 

However, there are people for which the technical specifications of a vacuum cleaner do not mean much unless they are complemented by a good-looking design. The Nutone VX475 vacuum cleaner does not risk anything from this point of view. It has a very pleasant and sleek design which also enhances its convenience. This may sound a bit unusual, but you can actually mount your vacuum cleaner on the wall for additional space. You can fit it into tight corners as well. Its size allows it and so do its accessories. Of course, there is no point in having a visually appealing vacuum cleaner unless it is also durable, but Nutone also scores in terms of durability, proposing a corrosion and flame resistant housing for the VX475 model. 

Nutone has spoiled their customers with very good vacuum cleaners. The Nutone VX475 model leads the way to vacuuming performance or rather watches it from up the wall if mounted. Warranted for two years, it is one of the best central vacuums available on the market today, so it really sets the tone in terms of vacuuming. It is convenient and visually appealing and it purrs like a kitten while in use, so it has quite a few aces up its sleeve.

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