Thursday, April 25, 2013

AirVac Central Vacuums Popular Among Builders

Consumers Choice Award - The All New AirVac Central Vacuum
In some, AirVac central vacuums release the child in each and every one of us because they can be associated with a lot of Why questions. People often ask themselves "Why should I buy this or that vacuum cleaner?", "Why is this manufacturer better than the other one?", "Why are these appliances called vacuum cleaners in the first place?" and other more or less strange questions about vacuuming. One thing is sure: the name of AirVac deserves to be on everyone's lips.

You might think that the ones who made these central vacuums had a young child at home because the appliances they designed are very quiet. Many people are scared of vacuuming or rather of the noise it involves. AirVac central vacuums come to comfort them and remind them that some washing machines might actually produce more noise than some vacuum cleaners. In the end, it all depends on their location. They may be installed in the garage, in the attic, in the basement or in any other area that is isolated from the living one. 

Moreover, these appliances are very healthy in that they are ready to confront and annihilate one of the five most dangerous pollutants - dust. Both the National Lung Association and the EPA Science Advisory Board agree on that. AirVac central vacuum cleaners do not allow the air to recirculate, so there is no risk of inhaling dust during or after vacuuming or of the indoor air being more harmful than the outdoor one. They are more than three times safer than other vacuums because they produce three times more power and some of them, namely the models of the Platinum series, are warranted for ten years.

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These appliances may be generically called AirVac central vacuums, but appearances can be deceptive. They are more than just central vacuums. They are home cleaning systems. And they stand out through their convenience, efficiency, versatility, power, warranties, their beneficial effects on the life of the carpets and furniture in a home and last but not least, the value they add to the home they are used in. This combination of factors turned the name of AirVac into a household name in this industry and ensured the success of this vacuum manufacturer for over fifty years now. 

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Variety is also an advantage in all domains, which is why AirVac customers are given a choice between the central vacuums of the Red series and those of the Platinum series. The difference between them is the presence or absence of a disposable bag. The latter have all those attributes mentioned earlier and disposable bags while the former have all those attributes mentioned earlier but no disposable bags.

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Are there any other factors that contribute to the success of AirVac central vacuums? Yes, there are. There is the sleek design that hides a powerful motor and the attention paid to the customer. The side intake ports, the translucent dust bucket and all the features mentioned herein prove that AirVac plays fair toward their customers and puts a lot of effort into satisfying them.

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