Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forget about the Dust on Your Fingers with the Miele Onyx Vacuum Cleaner

The All New Miele Onyx S6270 - Refined German Engineering

Like the Swiss do watches, the Germans do engineering. The all new Miele S6270 is one of the most popular models that we sell on the internet as well as in our brick and mortar store location in South Florida.

The idea of novelty has always driven people toward their evolution. People have always been drawn to the idea of discovering new things with no exception. The same principle applies to the sales market and implicitly the vacuuming industry, where manufacturers always have to bring something to the table to convince the pool of customers out there to buy their products. The Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner is one of the suggestions that have stirred an instant interest.

Inspired from the onyx mineral, this vacuum cleaner has a multitude of features that would persuade anyone to take the money out of their pocket and buy it. There are several layers that overlap here to make a very good vacuum cleaner. They include performance, convenience, filtration, design and versatility. These are actually the layers one expects a good vacuum cleaner to have, so there is no novelty here except for the way in which these layers overlap.

Only the Topaz canister vacuum cleaner is larger than the Miele Onyx vacuum within the S6 line. In fact, they are like two brothers, with the Topaz having some extra wits, namely an electric hose. However, the Onyx model has a lot of ego and does not surrender to this small detail, but tries to outsmart its brother with its accessories. For instance, it attacks the floors with two brushes, so it delivers good results both on carpets and on smooth floors. Its gentleness is extraordinary too, with the horsehair bristles of the brushes fully protecting the surfaces. However, the motor is not as gentle as the bristles for it produces 1200 watts and therefore can knock over all types of dirt. The vacuum cleaner also resembles the mineral whose name it bears through its height adjustment feature, which is controlled via a rotary dial. Of course, the power of a motor does not make much difference if it does not last. Therefore, Miele only launches motors that can meet the highest standards for up to two decades. People usually hope for the good things that happen to them to last. Well, the Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner is a good product and it does last because it is designed to last.

You can forget about all your worries with this vacuum and your main worry in this case is dust spreading everywhere around you. Those suffering from asthma or allergies can rest assured that this vacuum will clear the air for them and eliminate all health risks. The 3.7-quart filter bag and the Air Clean filter replace the HEPA filter most customers look for and do it perfectly. So you can forget about all dust particles larger than 0.3 microns.

All in all, there are many layers to the Miele Onyx canister vacuum cleaner that make it a very desirable home appliance. It has got class, it has got style, it has got everything a good vacuum cleaner should have to draw one's attention to it, so it is a precious cleaning solution.

If you need further assistance on this particular model, don't hesitate to call us! 1-800-322-2965. If you need bags, filters, or accessories for the Miele Onyx S6270, click here.