Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Referral Program

Can't find a good central vacuum installer? Tired of unreliable handymen? Why stress any longer? We're proud to announce an absolutely free installation referral program. This is a truly unbelievable service for customers and builders alike. Through our vast network of electrical supply companies, manufacturers, and trained certified technicians, we are able to provide you with a local solution for your central vacuum installation needs. We don't just open a local Yellow Pages book and suggest somebody for you to go to in your area, we have partners all over the United States with over 1,050 certified installers that will help you get your central vacuum system running.

We are with you through the whole process, from that first initial phone call, advising you on the best system that will provide you with many years of happy vacuuming. At the end of the installation, we'll follow up with a with you on how your system is working out and how the installation went.

We strive to provide our customers with innovative services that our competition only wished they thought of first. When you're the best, everyone just strives to be like you - it's a "monkey see, monkey do" world. The only difference is they don't have the sizable and experienced network like we do.

Let us do the work for you: call us any time at 1-800-322-2965.
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