Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rare Sale opportunity

Like everyone else, we do some spring cleaning to make room for new inventory and to also give you, the customer, the best possible price on the great products we provide for you. The DrainVac brand as served so many customers with class A products. We are proud to provide the Viper model of central vacuums in the 4 and 9 gallon size on Sale for $50 less than list price. Also we are slashing the price on the Turbo model by $47. This is the first time DrainVac has allowed us to put these items up for sale and for a limited time these items will be listed at such a low price.

Also available are the Purvac Ruby central vacuums, 4 and 9 gallon models, for $50 less than list price. These prices don't come around all the time people. This will only last 3 days so come get it while it lasts.

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