Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Introducing the New, Powerful, Revolutionary: GarageVac

Have you ever been plagued with the duty of cleaning up your garage or car and not have a handy cleaning device? Your problems are solved with a quick 10 minute solution. It's called the GarageVac. There is no need to install pipes and inlets like you would with a traditional central vacuum system. It is its own stand-alone vacuum system that takes up half the wall space of other systems. Designed with the garage in mind, GarageVac helps you organize your space and gives you all the tools you need to keep it clean.

With two installation options, GarageVac is the only central vacuum cleaner in the world that can be mounted onto a 2 x 4 stud wall, or can be hung on the surface of the garage wall. There's no need to be confined to just the garage with this unit. Just take it off the wall when you're heading out in your RV or cruising on your boat. Feel free to use it in your cabin or cottage or the home in your utility room or whereever you see fit. It's thats verstile! The options are infinite with this unique vacuum system.

The GarageVac features a unique 40 foot (that's right I said 40 FEET!) stretch hose that shrinks to a meer 8 feet for easy storage. It also comes with a non-corrosive adjustable one-piece wand, various brushes to tackle any job, bare floor tools, and (something I thought was great) an elongated dust brush that'll clean the dashboard in your car in one easy swipe.

The system comes standard with HEPA filtration so no dust or allergens are ever exhausted back into the garage. Each bag holds an incredible 1-gallon of dirt and is the easier to change than a pair of socks. Just push up the latch and remove the door with your bag still attached. No dust to fly up in your face like when you're emptying your central vacuum canister.

It weights practically nothing compared to other vacuum systems. At just 9 pounds and 4 inches deep, GarageVac is the most compact and lightweight central vacuum cleaner on the market. When it comes to a garage vacuum system it must be simple, compact and easy to use. If it wasn't why would you waste you time on any other system. The GarageVac is American made and features an industry leading 6(six) year warranty.

This truely a system that you'll want in your garage for any job you have. With all the calls we get about garage systems, here is your answer to it all. Thanks to InterVac for this revolutionary design system.

edit: The GarageVac system is now live on our website! Click here to check it out!