Monday, February 23, 2015

The Drainvac Twin Turbo Central Vacuum Cleaner | Perfect for Large Homes between 5,000 and 20,000 Square Feet

Some homeowners are very hard to satisfy and so are extra large surfaces. However, neither of them stands a chance in the face of the Drainvac Twin Turbo central vacuum, which is the ultimate vacuum cleaner both in Drainvac’s offer and outside of it. The entire Twin Turbo concept revolves around sheer power encased in a compact and convenient design, all available for a very attractive price. The 240 V Drainvac Twin Turbo central vacuum cleaner addresses absolutely all cleaning needs. It is a perfect solution for customers who are having their homes restored or looking for a powerful central vacuum cleaner to replace their old one. Simply put, it provides sheer power for anyone who needs to clean the dust and dirt spread over anything from 5,000 to 20,000 square feet, whether at home or in commercial spaces.

This power comes from a twelve-fan 5.7-inch bypass double turbine motor made by DOMEL which produces 1,340 air watts, 190 inches of water lift and 290 cubic feet of airflow per minute. Integrated in the DOMEL Platinum series, this motor has a life expectancy of thirty years and releases only 62 decibels of noise. This is the merit of the sound suppression material the motor chamber is coated with. In fact, the materials are very well chosen with both the Twin Turbo central vacuum cleaner and the other appliances manufactured by Drainvac. Thus, the bodies made of ABS resin are protected against breaks or rust and they are very easy to clean.

Therefore, the transparent canister characteristic to the Drainvac appliances is also very easy to clean, which adds to its convenience. Similarly to its predecessor, the Turbo central vacuum cleaner, the Drainvac Twin Turbo central vacuum cleaner also comes with a 9-gallon canister only. They also share the bag and bagless versions customers can choose from for even higher cleaning results and the SilverClear filtration system. The latter is highly appreciated in the vacuuming industry for its outstanding effectiveness against microbes, fungi, mold and a wide range of other allergens as small as 0.3 microns. This places it on the list of the top recommendations for homeowners suffering from allergies or asthma. Moreover, the Twin Turbo central vacuum cleaner is also integrated in Drainvac’s Going Green project, which focuses on environmental protection and therefore promotes a 98% recyclability rate as well.

To conclude, the Drainvac Twin Turbo central vacuum cleaner sticks to all the principles this manufacturer has been recognized for in the vacuuming industry for over forty-five years, from the high filtration efficiency achieved by the SilverClear system to the transparent canister to size and weight. However, it stretches the boundaries of suction power to stand on top of all Drainvac appliances and their direct competitors, but without stretching those of affordability. This way, everyone has a cleaning solution at hand no matter how large the surface areas, how often they require cleaning or how extravagant their cleaning needs may be.