Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dust and Allergens Are in Danger with the Drainvac Viper Central Vacuum Cleaner

Drainvac's designers have used their experience and knowledge in the vacuuming field to pursue the Drainvac mission for forty-five years now and they have never let their customers down. That mission is to provide ingenuous, creative and innovative solutions in terms of vacuuming, whatever needs or expectations homeowners may have. Thus, people with large surfaces to clean, for instance, can benefit from the ingenuity behind the Drainvac Viper central vacuum cleaner, which is also an inspired choice financially.

The Drainvac Viper central vacuum cleaner is one of Drainvac's vacuum models which come with either a 4-gallon dust canister or a 9-gallon one. Thus, homeowners can benefit from the power and filtration skills of this appliance whether they only have average cleaning needs or they have to remove pet hairs all the time or clean high-traffic areas. Whatever their cleaning needs may be, they can rely on this appliance to reach its peak performance on surfaces of up to 9,000 square feet. It should also be noted that it supports up to ten inlets.

The Viper vacuum cleaner shares its canister variability with two other models in the Drainvac collection, namely the LittleGiant central vacuum cleaner and the PowerHouse one. However, it surpasses them both in terms of suction power with the 780 air watts its DOMEL motor produces. The water lift and the airflow are also superior, reaching 151 inches, respectively 144 cubic feet per minute. Normally, the greater the performance of the motor, the greater the noise level as well, but this is not the case with Drainvac's Viper vacuum cleaner. Although more powerful, it produces the same number of decibels as the PowerHouse vacuum cleaner, that is 58. The long life expectancy of the motor should also be noted, Drainvac designing it to operate at its best parameters for twenty to twenty-five years.

In fact, durability is a common denominator with the Drainvac vacuum cleaners as their design also shows. Made of ABS materials, the Drainvac Viper central vacuum cleaner is resistant to rust and impact. However, the increased durability is not the only strong point of its design, the visual and practical sides being just as cleverly addressed. Similarly to its predecessors, the Viper vacuum cleaner weighs 15 or 27 pounds and measures 12 or 15 inches in width and 22 or 28 inches in height, depending on the model. These dimensions make it very convenient for they lower the storage requirements significantly.

Finally, the filtration system of the Drainvac Viper central vacuum cleaner is impeccable too. It aims for the highest cleanliness standards and not just through its action range, which includes anything from microbes to fungi as small as 0.3 microns. The Viper vacuum cleaner can be used either as a bagged vacuum cleaner or as a bagless one, the former being recommended for those who want to make sure they reach the peak in terms of cleanliness. The same scope lies at the basis of the Viper's energy effectiveness, Drainvac being known to aim for environmental protection. Therefore, the Drainvac Viper vacuum cleaner uses its excellent power and highly efficient filtration system to protect both its user and the environment at very low costs.