Friday, October 26, 2012

The All New Turbocat Pro is proud to introduce the all new Turbocat Pro. The Turbocat Pro is the next generation in air driven turbine powered carpet nozzles. Manufactured with a newly designed deep cleaning agitator the Turbocat Pro will pull dirt from deep-down within the carpeting for a truly thorough clean. 
The all new Turbocat Pro harnesses the power of your central vacuum system to operate its high speed twin fan chamber turbine, allowing for a faster spinning brush roller to agitate the carpeting leaving a well groomed look. It's self-tensioning, non-slip belt assures the brush roller to spin at maximum performance with less vibration, and reduces the noise by half making the Turbocat Pro much quieter compared to most air-driven nozzles in the central vacuum market. The Turbocat Pro was engineered with a sleek low-profile design for optimum maneuverability. 
Light weight and versatile you will love the performance or the Turbocat Pro's 13" extra-wide cleaning vacuum path allowing for edge to edge cleaning. With the Turbocat Pro's larger air intake port provides improved cleaning performance allowing for more dirt and debris to be vacuumed up with less effort. Available in a brilliant metallic candy apple red the Turbocat Pro is not only stylish, but durable as well. Designed with years of service in mind the Turbocat Pro is built with a durable ABS housing and high impact bumper guards that make it perfect for cleaning under furniture without worries of damaging the Turbocat Pro or your furniture.
This sensational new turbo nozzle is so well designed it is even backed by an exclusive lifetime "No Fault" warranty!