Monday, June 18, 2012

Central Vacuum Attachments

Whether purchasing a new central vacuum or just performing regular up keep on an existing vacuum there are five basic tools to help you keep your central vacuum system running at peak performance.

Activac II exhaust filterIf venting a central vacuum system inside your living environment such as a basement, garage, and closet or storage room one of the main key items needed is the Activac II. The Activac II is a Hepa exhaust filter that mounts to the side of any single motor central vacuum system and acts as a central vacuum muffler and Hepa filter. This Activac II helps to cut down on noise pollution, eliminates odors, captures carbon dust and filters down to .03 microns. Allowing you to breathe easier and quiet down the vacuums decibel level in your home the Activac II is a must have item.

Tornado Maintenance Cloths for Central VacuumsKeeping your central vacuum system clog free is another main concern. With Tornado Power maintenance cloths it's the do it yourself way of maintaining your central vacuum piping.  The Tornado Power cloths get sucked up into you central vacuum hose and clear your hose of any buildup that could potentially cause a clog or blockage. The maintenance cloths then work their way through your central vacuum pipe lines clearing any dirt, hair or build up that can cause your central vacuum to clog and reduce suction. While the Tornado Power cloths work their way through they also deodorize and give off a fresh clean scent. This helps keep your hose and central vacuum from holding that old nasty vacuum smell. Tornado Power maintenance cloths will keep your central vac running properly and by clearing out the pipe line in your home can help prevent costly service calls and repairs.

Central Vacuum Motor Safety ValveWhen it comes to protecting your investment the Red Motor/Fire Safety Valve is a no brainer. The Motor Safety Valve is designed as an air relief system. This valve was designed to help protect your central vacuum motor from serious damages caused by blockages in your vacuum system. If a blockage occurs while vacuuming, The Red Motor Safety Valve will open up allowing cool air flow into the central vacuum motor. This will prevent the motor from overheating and burning up or even worse causing a potential fire. The Motor Safety Valve is one of the best investments for any central vacuum system.  This air relief valve is easy to install and will protect not only your central vacuum but will help extend the life of your vacuum motor. This must have item is affordable and provides years of protection and is highly recommend by our staff here at 

Central Vacuum DeodorizerIf you have pets or just can't get rid of that vacuum smell Feather Lite carpet and vacuum freshener is a very good item to use. The central vacuum deodorizing fragrance not only deodorizes your carpets and floors, but also deodorizes your central vacuum pipes and unit. The Feather Lite central vacuums deodorizer eliminates pet odors, tobacco odors, mold and mildew odors, dirt, dust smells, cooking odors etc. Don't let your carpeting or central vacuum small make sure to use Feather Lite carpet and central vacuum deodorizing fragrance.

By using these 4 items together will ensure your vacuum maintains proper suction, reliability and will keep it odor free.  These items are all affordable and can help save you from costly repairs down the road. Trust us your vacuum will thank you.

 If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask our staff of vacuum experts at 1-800-322-2965