Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drainvac Central Vacuums - Customer Satisfaction and Review

This is my fourth Drainvac Central Vacuum system. My first was installed in my home in Ontario, Canada. My second was installed in my home in St. Louis. In both cases, the central vacuum system was very much appreciated by potential buyers. I loved the upholstery and carpet shampooing system! I had loaned my carpet shampoo system to a friend who had a Beam central vacuum system, but her system did not have the suction to take out the water from the carpets as easily and quickly as mine did! Interestingly, when I needed a new hose, I had gone to a competitor Vacuum company, (Vacuflo) who raved about how wonderful our Drainvac was, as he had seen it in operation at a trade show!!!

My third Drainvac, the Twin Turbo, was installed in my home in Bath, NC, in 2010. I absolutely loved it! It had even more power than my previous vacuum systems, which I had previously thought were impossible to improve on.

We had to reinstall our Drainvac Twin Turbo, because it was damaged in its location in our basement, after Hurricane Irene. We did the installation ourselves, and amazingly, its performance is even better than the previous one. We had discovered a few unglued elbows, that the contractor who had installed it for us left unglued. They had caused a loss of suction. Even with that loss of suction, the Twin Turbo was still phenomenal. We found the reinstall so easy, that we wondered why we had paid the contractor to do it for us.

We especially like the floor sweeping outlet, and love being able to use the pet vacuum attachment. Because all the noise is far away from our dogs, they do not mind being vacuumed, and there is much less pet hair everywhere.

Thank you Think Vacuums people!!! I will continue to sing your praises to whoever I speak to about vacuums. I still do not understand why so many people spend so much money buying second rate vacuums, only to replace them in a couple years with another one, that works less efficiently as time goes on. It sure makes sense to just buy one system and enjoy it for a long long time!

Thanks and kudos to the staff of Think Vacuums. They are helpful and efficient, and take a personal interest in getting your order just right, and assisting you in any way you need.