Thursday, October 6, 2011

Central Vacuum Bags and Filters

We have recently done renovations on our central vacuum bags and filters section on our website to make it easier for you, our customers, to be able to find what exactly it is you're looking for. This is Halloween...what's in your home? It's that time of the year when all the ghouls, goblins, witches, ghosts and monsters come out to trick or treat. Not only is it that scary time of the year for tricks or treats but other creepy crawlies could be making their way into your home as well. By this we mean dust mites, allergen laden particle's, pet dander, dust, dirt and other nasty things you don't want in your home! The best way to filter out these lung-damaging particles is to use filter bags and hepa filters for your central vacuum system. Many people contemplate bagless central vacuums in order to avoid the cost of disposable central vacuum replacement bags. We believe the cost of a bag is a small price to pay for securing your health and the protection of your vacuum motor. Exposure to tiny, lung damaging particles has been linked to many health issues. Also, the smell of dirt, dust, dead bugs, decaying food particles, bacteria, dust mites, mold spores and microbes is very disgusting.

The right central vacuum bag and combination Central Vacuum Filter will prevent you from having to handle the dirt, dust and debris accumulated over the past months when emptying your canister. A bag is not only more hygienic, it also helps capture tiny particles from reentering the indoor air around you! What does all this mean? Well... a central vacuum bag creates cleaner air which allows you to breath better and a central vacuum bag is simple to change or dispose of! We sell branded vacuum bags & replacement bags for your central vacuum system. Central vacuum filters purify the air by removing potentially harmful materials. Most central vacuum filters are disposable but, some are permanent and others are even washable. (For best performance use disposable filters extremely low maintenance, these central vacuum filters should be replaced 2 to 3 times a year). Replacing your filter or cartridge and central vacuum bag ever so often is like changing the filter in your air conditioner!

Changing your central vacuum filter greatly improves airflow and velocity which is a key ingredient to have continuous, 100% suction of your vacuum. Even for exhaust filtration we offer the ActiVac II hepa filter and muffler system. The new ActiVac II venting system helps capture carbon dust, eliminates odors, acts as a muffler, which reduces noise and purifies the air with a HEPA membrane, which filters down to .03 microns. In conclusion using a bag and filter or cartridge in your central vacuum will provide outstanding filtration, maintain high efficiency suction and improve indoor air quality.

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