Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remote Controlled Central Vacuum System

Tired of running low-voltage wire and then have it not work? Tired of working in your attic and unknowingly knock a wire loose resulting in your vacuum system not working? We deal with customers all day with problems like this. There's a solution to this problem. Its called a Remote Controlled Central Vacuum System. It's fairly simple to set up and will be a godsend to anyone who's had problems in the past with wiring. The remote control set-up enables you to activate your vacuum unit from any where in the house where low-voltage wire is no longer working like it should. There are many instance where the low voltage wire was never installed before the walls went up, short of destroying the walls and rewiring the house, it's virtually impossible to install the wire needed. Some people may also like the convenience of a remote control system without the hassle of installing low-voltage wire and problems can ensue later.

The 3 piece system includes:
1 Remote Transmitter
1 Wireless Receiver
1 Extendable Antenna Wire
1 AC Adaptor
Easy To Read Instructions

The receiver connects to the units low-voltage terminals & receives signals from the remote control, which tell it to turn on or off. The hidden antenna will run to a central location in the house to provide the signal from the remote to the remote receiver. All you have to do is have the remote transmitter with you to signal the receiver to turn the machine one and you're ready to clean.

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