Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Protection for your walls and furniture

Have you ever wondered what you can do to save your walls and furniture from getting scuffed up from your central vacuum hose? There's a simple solution to this common problem. It's called a Platinum II Hose Sock. It is made from a special blend of cotton and Lycra, making it 50% more durable then previous hose socks and is now washable. With this special blend of material it gives enough elasticity to fit snugly around the hose. The soft hose sock prevents scratches, dents, chips and scuff marks caused by your central vacuum hose rubbing against your stairs, banisters, walls, furniture, floors and more; all while protecting the hose at the same time. You have to watch out for cheap knock-offs that other competitors are selling. They are made with low quality material and are rough, easily torn and don't provide you with a tight, snug fit around the hose. They generally don't stand up to the average household abuse for more than 6 months. Do it right the first time and buy a quality hose sock. You can purchase a hose sock with any hose you buy from us. And we can put it on for you for no additional charge or you can do it yourself. It's quite simple to do. Here's how to put on a hose sock. This is just another simple improvement you can do for your house and will last you for many years to come.

For purchasing info on a hose/hose sock combo. Visit our Hoses section and select the company and when you're ordering a hose be sure to click "Add A Protective Hose Sock & Put It on for Free"

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