Thursday, April 9, 2015

Drainvac Little Giant Central Vacuum

Drainvac is one of the names of the vacuuming industry whose reputation is built on the innovations they lure customers with. One of the secrets is to show them that little things can hide an enormous power too. It is all in the way they are made. The Drainvac Little Giant central vacuum cleaner offers a sample of the convenience and power this manufacturer banks on in their mission to redefine the vacuuming experience as a simple need rather than a cumbersome chore.

The Drainvac Little Giant central vacuum cleaner addresses those customers who live in apartments or small homes and are looking for a small vacuum cleaner that can easily meet their average cleaning needs. For more precision, it should be noted that the Little Giant vacuum cleaner can cover any surface ranging between 1,200 square feet and 4,000 square feet. Pet owners will also be very happy with it too because it hides a highly efficient filtration system.

Anyone who takes a closer look at this appliance will notice that almost everything about it is simple. It is very easy to install, use and clean and its financial requirements are very low too. However, simple does not mean average in quality too. As already mentioned, the compact design of this appliance hides an enormous power, more precisely a suction power of 670, an airflow of 148 cubic feet per minute and a water lift of 128 inches. Also, it needs a maximum amp level of 13.4 to start up. However, Drainvac is also known for designing very silent vacuum cleaners. This model is the quietest of them all, the sound suppression acoustic material reducing the noise levels to 57 decibels at 3 feet and 53 decibels at 12 feet.      

Available with or without a disposable bag, the Drainvac Little Giant central vacuum cleaner ensures an impressive air quality. In fact, it is certified as environmentally-friendly with its energy conserving potential, a 98% recycling rate and the impeccable performance of its SilverClear filtration system which eliminates any allergen or debris sized as small as 0.3 microns. The canister, which also serves as a sample of the innovations proposed by Drainvac, is available in two different versions. Thus, customers can choose either one with a capacity of four gallons or one with a capacity of nine gallons to fit on their vacuum cleaner, depending on their needs. The nine-gallon version addresses pet owners in particular.

The innovative features of this canister include more than just its size. They include its design as well, Drainvac being the first manufacturer to introduce a transparent design for their canisters. Therefore, they propose a very classy design which is also durable, very practical and very convenient. The dimensions of the Drainvac Little Giant central vacuum cleaner and its weight are very eloquent. With a diameter or 12 or 15 inches, a height of 22 or 28 inches and a weight of 15 or 27 pounds, this appliance can be mounted anywhere very easily. After that, users can benefit from its outstanding performance for many years to come, as the twenty-five-year and lifetime warranties provided by the manufacturer promise.