Monday, July 7, 2014


Vacport led automatic dustpan introduces the all new VacPort central vacuum sweep inlet valve. The VacPort model #A900 re-invents the wheel on traditional automatic dustpan inlet valves by including a brilliant LED lights. The bright LED light on the VacPort #A900 allows you to illuminate the sweep inlet in dark areas like under cabinets, hallways, pantries and other dim lit places.

The VacPort adds an element of convenience to any central vacuum system. You just simply sweep your dirt, dust and debris into the LED lit opening of the VacPort and watch as the suction of the central vacuum takes it away! This automatic dustpan is perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, halls and pantries the all new VacPort by IntertVac can be installed in homes, office buildings, motorhomes and boats!

Made in the USA the VacPort #A900 sweep inlet is durable, reliable and easy to install. This LED model VacPort sweep inlet uses the existing 24 volt low voltage wires from the central vacuum system unit to power the illuminating LED lights. Compared to the traditional vacuum sweep inlets the all new LED VacPort #A900 truly stands out as the brighter choice!