Thursday, January 16, 2014

Drainvac Central Vacuum Reviews

One of the best parts of assisting customers with their Central Vacuum needs is enjoying their look of satisfaction when we have completed the installation of a new Drainvac. 
Susan K.,  of Coral Springs, Fl had an older central vacuum that was installed when the home was built.  The unit began making a loud grinding noise, did not have the same suction power she was use to, and the unit had run its life span.  We replaced her vacuum with a brand new Drainvac and she absolutely "loves it", enough to give it a big hug.  

The all new Drainvac unit is quieter, more powerful and offers a better warranty than her old central vacuum.  Drainvac Central Vacuum units offer a lifetime warranty on the housing and a 25 year motor warranty.  The housing is constructed out of an ABS resin providing durable construction to withstand the heat of Florida.  The premium quality German made Domel motor offers years of quiet operation with built in silencing insulation that helps reduce motor noise.  The sleek modern design makes it a perfect fit for installation in any home. Because of the performance, reliability, and pure power all of our Drainvac customers will tell you that they "love my Drainvac". 

Susan K. purchased the 2014 Drainvac Viper Special Edition 9 gallon.  Susan had a tremendous challenge with pet hair from her two Golden Retrievers, she found the Drainvac Viper Special Edition to out perform her old unit, and is telling her friends and neighbors about how happy she is with her new Drainvac.  We have already received a call from her neighbor wanting her new Drainvac Viper Special Edition.  The best form of a compliment for us is a referral from one of our customers. 

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