Friday, July 5, 2013

Central Vacuum Air Relief Valve

Vac-Valve for Central Vacuums.
This new product we're carrying will relieve any pressure built up in your central vacuum due to having a clog in your pipes, central vacuum bag overstuffed, debris caught up in your hose and so on. It's a very important tool in a central vacuum system that can quite possibly save the motor life of your central vacuum and also warn you when there is an obstruction or a problem when your central vacuum unit.

This product is called a Vac-Valve motor safety valve. The bright color yellow should point out where it's located on or near your central vacuum system at a quick glance. The adjustable nut in the middle of this product could alter the pressure that builds up in your central vacuum pipe located in your home. The retail price of this product is $14.95. The introductory price that we're charging for this product will be a sale price of $8.00. If you mention this ad, we'll discount this product an additional $2 just by mentioning our blog.

Any further information or questions on this product, please don't hesitate to call us at 800-322-2965. This product will work on any central vacuum from a condo to a castle. Another name for this product is an Air Relief Valve or a Air Relief Motor Safety Valve.