Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Which central vacuum not only provides a deep clean but can also help in eliminating bed bugs?

Purvac Central Vacuums not only offer a deep clean for your house but also purifies your air. Many travelers can bring home dustmites, bed bugs, and many allergy-laden particles. With the increase in the bed bug epidemic owning a central vac can help provide a more thorough cleaning power in your home, condo or apartment. Here's something to ponder: it's just not an epidemic in hotels but it's also happening in majority of homes in America.

Bed bugs have been a common nuisance in the United States, and we are one of many countries now experiencing an unsettling epidemic & rapid growth in the population of bed bugs. A large majority of public agencies have been vanquished by constant complaints about bed bugs. Central Vacuums can be considered one of the best methods for managing and controlling bed bugs and preventing future infestations. Research has shown an in home central vacuum system is an effective strategy for reducing issues associated with the regeneration of bed bug populations. 

Bed bugs fit into a category of blood-sucking external parasites similar to head lice. Bed bugs, like head lice, feed on the blood of humans but are not believed to transmit any disease. They can live several months without a blood meal and lurk in your home beginning to start the infestation of the domain. Bed bugs tend to infest usually around or near the areas where people sleep and high traffic areas where people gather. Bed bugs however can cause an assortment of physical & mental health issues. Many people have acquired mild to acute allergic reaction to the bites with effects ranging from no reaction to a small bite mark to, in some cases, severe, entire-body reaction. These bites can also lead to secondary infections of the skin. Bed bugs may also affect the mental health of people living in infested homes. Reported effects include anxiety, insomnia and systemic reactions. When operating a central vacuum you provide not only better air quality but a deeper penetrating clean. If your home is infested you need the ultimate pure power of a central vac. A central vacuum’s suction surpasses that of the conventional household vacuum. With a sealed canister a central vacuums allow for a secure dust, dirt and debris containment. 

The cost of adequately eliminating bed bugs may be significantly more than the cost of eliminating other pests because bed bug control usually requires multiple visits by a pest control company and perseverance on the part of those who are dealing with the infestation. When using a central vacuum system you can ensure proper cleaning to remove these notorious pests. Furniture should be overturned and cleaned and a central vacuum has the power to do it! Carpeting, wood molding, door jambs, bare floors and closets should be cleaned thoroughly. Bed bugs can hide in the crevices between carpets and walls and other hard to reach places. Mattress seams, box springs, couches, drapes, pillows and other fabrics can harbor bed bugs as well. Central vacuum accessories are designed to contour and clean all surfaces in a home. This gives you the ability to eliminate and dispose of the bed bugs, bed bug eggs bed bug waste fecal matter while allowing a hygienic proper disposal.

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