Friday, July 1, 2011

Reviewing the Drainvac Turbo Central Vacuum

The Drainvac Turbo is the most state of the art central vacuum ever developed and is now available for your home. The most powerful & prestigious motor has now been combined with a revolutionary new total floor care system. With a dominating 900 air-watts (suction power) the Drainvac Turbo can provide adequate suction for a home up to 15,000 square feet. Equipped with dominating European designed Domel 12 fan, metal 5.7” true bypass double turbine dual motors, to quote on of our central vacuum customers  “you can suck the chrome of an automobile hitch” with the Drianvac Turbo! When it comes to filtration the Drainvac Turbo controls airborne particles, allergens, and cleans the air as you vacuum, for a cleaner, healthy environment for you and your family. Each Turbo includes the new revolutionary Silver clear allergy filter which filters down to 0.03 microns. It is literally the only filtration system that kills bacteria and not just contains it like every other central vacuum on the market today!

Providing unsurpassed power, performance and hygienic patented technology in the Drainvac Turbo central vacuum you not only are investing in a quality machine you’re investing in your health. Top of the line quality and power at an affordable price makes the Turbo a steal for any consumer. Ranking in as the leading customer favorite we have qualified the Drainvac Turbo as 2011 customer choice award winner! Not only is this a consumer favorite the Drainvac Turbo is the owner’s choice for reliability, suction power, warranty and durability. With extra-large 9 gallon dirt capacity and the capability to perform as a bag or bag-less central vacuum unit you have the choice on how you wish to dispose of your dust and dirt. We at strongly recommend using the Drainvac Turbo as a bagged unit. This will provide not only a cleaner disposal but it’s more hygienic after all how close do you want to get to your dirt? Lifetime warranty on the machines housing proves the engineering integrity and 20 year motor warranty provides peace of mind to each consumer. With noise suppression acoustic technology quiet operation is ensured and ranked in at only an unbelievable 62 decibels. In conclusion if you’re in the market for a powerful, reliable, functional, quiet and affordable central vacuum unit don’t pass up the deal on the 2011 Drainvac Turbo!
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