Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drainvac Central Vacuum Atomik Power Bomb

Get Ready to Get Bombed! The all new Drainvac Atomik Power Bomb central vacuum is engineered for homes up to 2500+ square feet. With an astonishing 600 air watts Drainvac's Power bomb is small but mighty.  Running on a standard 110 to 120* voltage gives it a common electrical hook up found in most homes today. With the Drainvac's Atomik Power Bomb versatile design it can be wall mounted or use it on the go with it's no strings attached mobility feature. This means no central vacuum installation materials are needed. All Drainvac Power Bomb central vacuum systems are great for small homes, rentals, boats, RV, yachts; coffee shops the possibilities are endless. The Drainvac Power Bomb packs power behind the punch with premium quality all metal elite Domel motors. These motors are estimated in on an average 20-25 year hassle free life span making it one of the longest lasting and most durable central vacuums, as well as the most compact vacuum on the market today. The Power Bomb is one of the few central vacuums that can be considered whisper quite. Manufactured with sound absorbing materials, acoustic sound suppression system, and a tight gasket sealed housing which brings the Drainvac Atomik Power Bomb to a hush at only 60 decibels.  Available with intergraded Pick-Up-And-Go handle makes on the go use easy and able to use practically anywhere. This central vacuum can hold unbelievable amounts of dirt, dust, hair and allergy laden waste particles for its size. Power Bomb uses only the highest quality cloth filtration bags keeping the waste contained in a hygienic manner before needing to be disposed of. It's a fact that now more and more people are suffering from allergies. Drainvac can help eliminate the problems caused by bacteria and mildew. And with a dominating 5 year no fault warranty this make the all new Drainvac Atomik Power Bomb one of the best central vacuums in the industry to date! Click here to read more about this great new central vacuum.