Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Drainvac Review

Another Satisfied Drainvac Customer

Robert I wanted to share with you this unbelievable picture. I have a 2300 square foot single story home with 3 and ½ year old berber carpet. I have been using a $600 Royal upright since we moved into the home and have had the carpet steam cleaned once or twice a year since we moved in. Since I bought the home to live in for a very long time, I thought I would invest in a central vacuum system since I have always heard they do a much better job and last forever. I shopped locally and on the internet and eventually found Think Vacuums.

I was very happy with the communications I got over the phone from you and other employees as I was asking many questions about Central Vacuums. You and your team not only answered my questions but did a great job helping me select the proper unit for my home. I am a mechanical kind of person so I knew I would be installing it myself, so it was important that I received all the proper installation material and picked a vacuum that would do a good job.

I selected the Drain Vacuums Viper model. After completing the installation and testing the unit, I cleaned the unit because I wanted to see just how much dirt this new machine would remove from a carpet that I thought I was already cleaning properly. Look at this picture(Above). The dirt pile on the right picture is about a ¼ inch thick. This of course does not include the dirt that is still in the Viper filter. I didn’t want to remove that since this was the first time.

Remember all I did was vacuum the floor one time, I have not gone back with the other attachments to clean the edges of the carpet up next to the wall. I also love the turbo head and the way it cleans. Also the adjustment on the handle that allows you to reduce the suction is great for doing throw rugs and other loose carpet. I am so very impressed with this machine and am very happy with the service I received from you and your company. Thanks again.

Skip Severance
Clovis, Ca