Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nutone VX1000

Nutone VX1000 is rapidly becoming one the most popular central vacuum systems on the market. If your looking for one of the best, if not the best central vacuums out there, this is the system for you.


"Top of the line", and "State the art" are among the many words used to describe the Nutone VX1000. There are many benefits and features that make this central vacuum system stand out. The Nutone VX1000 has a Sound suppression system included which makes this model a much quieter model then previous central vacuum systems that came before it. There is a status light on the hose of this system to indicate thats its bag or dust pail are full and need to be cleaned. With a front loading door, changing vacuum bags is quick and convenient. Even the system bags feature a new technology of "Easy Snap" that close the collar as your removing the bag. All Nutone VX series models including the Nutone VX1000 feature a HEPA Filtration system that includes an Anti-Microbial coating. The filtration system traps bacteria better then most other Central Vacuums on the market today.


The Nutone VX1000 is setting a new trend for Central Vacuum Systems. This unit has features that sets it above all other manufactures. Even the housing of the new VX1000 unit features Corrosion Resistant, Flame Retardant, engineered and thermoplastic material. Its no wonder that the Nutone VX1000 is one the best sellers !


The strength of the motor in the Nutone VX1000 features the most horsepower in its class. With 4.8 horsepower, and 1040 air watts, this model was made for large homes. The 240 Volt rating combined with the horsepower numbers demonstrate how truly powerful this Nutone VX1000 Central Vacuum System is.


The Nutone VX1000 is a true "Builders Favorite". This unit features a new oval design that is setting a trend. This design sets the Nutone VX1000 and the entire VX series line apart. Smaller Corners and spaces are now available to be used by the Nutone VX1000 central vacuum system. The convenient, wall hugging design of the Nutone VX1000 is suitable for any suitably sized space in your garage. The convenient installation with optional venting options allow for easy placement in even the tightest corners.

This system represents the future of Central Vacuum Styling and Design. Please view it on our web site and examine all of the benefits available to you today.

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