Friday, May 7, 2010

New PowerStar Central Vacuums

PowerStar, one of the rock solid central vacuums in the industry - celebrating 50 years in the business - is now unveiling a new line of central vacuum units designed with superior quality in mind. The brand new UPS500A, UPS800A and UPS900A bring in better airwatts, better waterlift, and an extraordinary warranty to the masses. With a 15 year warranty on parts you can be assured these units were manufactured to last. It has a rock-solid steel body covered under a lifetime warranty. These canisters are constructed with an epoxy-coated paint making them heat resistant and rust proof. LED status indicator lights are strategically located for easy reading. These units produce alerts when maintenance is required. The extra large dirt capacity alleviates constant dirt disposal. These units can be used with a bag or bagless, however paper bags are preferred for easier, cleaner dirt removal.

You would think a machine built this tough would sound like a freight train when running but it has been engineered to be extremely quiet with anti-vibration technology. Equipped with ergonomic clips and handles for the dirt receptacle and new stereo-type clips for wiring make your installation easy and hassle free. PowerStar has incorporated powerful Electro long-life motors for a high performance 25/30 year life expectancy. These 1 to 2 stage electromotors have a durable all metal construction with a dual fan chamber.

Once again, PowerStar is a name you can count on, keeping the competition on it's toes.