Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do you need power?

Looking for industrial-sized power? We've got good news for you...
Introducing Drainvac's newest line of commercial and industrial central vacuums. Once again, Drainvac brings you a new innovative line of vacuums with unmatched quality, durability and suction power. Built with the specifications of warehouses and factories in mind, these commercial and industrial grade vacuums will stand the test of time and anything you throw at them.

Drainvac's commercial-grade vacuums have been engineered and designed to be ideal for environments that produce a lot of dust and fine particles. Their industrial grade vacuums are built with the capability to pick up both dry and liquid substances, saving companies from having to do post-cleaning maintenance and avoiding costly cleaning services. We predict technology as advanced as these new units will be welcomed into many industrial and commercial facilities who truly need the immense power that these machines offer.

Once again, Drainvac raises the bar on the standards of durability, reliability, and power.