Friday, January 8, 2010

Dirty vacuums, and new vacuums!

Take a look at the motor to the left. This is a central vacuum we just received from a customer for repair. All of the white stuff covering it is plaster from construction dust. This particular vacuum was used in a brand new home, but the homeowners cleanup crew used the central vacuum instead of a shop vac, which is designed for this type of cleaning. There is a thick, solid layer of motor choking powder, which suffocated the motor and caused it to burn out. Typically, no central vacuum on the market can handle this type of fine powder. Most instruction manuals that come with the vacuum advise not picking up such fine powder, for this exact reason.

This particular problem was not caused by the homeowner, but by a cleanup crew worker who just used the vacuum assuming it would work just fine. Most manufacturers would not cover this under warranty because this is deemed abuse. It's sort of like running a brand new car with diesel fuel, it's not designed to work like that.

We called the manufacturer to help our customer out, and they could not cover it under warranty at all. We ended up putting a new motor in ourselves at our cost, just to accommodate a customer. That's the kind of customer service you can expect when you're a customer of Thinkvacuums, we go above and beyond whenever we can.

Getting off the topic of central vacuums, we just added some new updated Sanitaire vacuum models to our website! These are updates to well known models, the Sanitaire SC5845-B and the famous Sanitaire SC9180-B. Personally, I think these models look very sleek, the new design and color make it very visually appealing. Sanitaire is coming out with updates to other well known models in the future as well, and if you want to stay informed on the latest news bookmark our blog and our Twitter as well.