Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

Designing Spaces, a Quorum Production, featured on the TLC Network, as well as a host of different networks, just wrapped up filming their segment on central vacuums and how they are more environmentally friendly than ever. The episode is called Thinking Green with Central Vacuums. Martin Sevigny, VP and Head Honcho of Drainvac International, came down here and showed off one model in front of the cameras, and Robert, owner of Thinkvacuums, did the same with another model. They even filmed it at Robert's house to show off the Drainvac that's there!

Thinkvacuums and Drainvac were picked to be part of this enormous production on educating the public on how central vacuums can improve the air in homes everywhere - a "Going Green" theme. The production lasted the entire day with a director, stage hand, lighting people, sound people, and the interviewer. This was the real deal.

Designing Spaces wanted to plug Drainvac as the best, state of the art vacuum on the market. Quorum Productions researched all of the central vacuums on the market, and decided that Drainvac was the vacuum to feature. They found that Drainvac was the leader compared to the others, it's probably because it has the most unique filtration method as well as many "going green" features. They considered the Drainvac central vacuum the Mercedes-Benz of vacuums, without the high price tag.

You'll be able to check out our spot on Designing Spaces in a couple months airing on the TLC network, we'll keep the site informed when we get more specific information. And of course we'll have a copy of it on our YouTube Channel, and we might even Tweet about it.