Friday, September 4, 2009

Pets and vacuums, do they get along?

Pets, our small household friends for life. It's well known that pets and vacuums aren't exactly the best of friends, but yet they have to live in harmony.
Here at Thinkvacuums, we are bombarded with calls from our customers in regards to how to deal with their pet hair and related problems, such as dander and allergens, which lots of families suffer with.

What are cat or dog allergens, and what causes them? Cat allergies are typically caused by the development of an allergic reaction to the cats saliva. When the cat cleans its fur, the saliva is distributed onto its fur. The saliva dries and the highly allergic protein that remains on the hair surface breaks off when the cat moves about and becomes airborne. The size of these allergen particles is very small indeed, two microns or smaller. That's the size of many bacteria. One of the biggest concerns people have with a central vacuum is the odor. The solution to this problem is the new CanaVac Pet vacuum that actually eliminates all the odors, and is more powerful than any central vacuum on the market. Click here to learn more.

A powerful high-quality HEPA central vacuum should be part of every cat or other pet allergen avoidance strategy. It serves two purposes. First, it constantly reduces the concentration of cat allergen from the air, thus reducing the airborne exposure of the allergy sufferer. It also reduces the amount of cat allergen that settles onto room surfaces. Our feline friends track in not only dirt and sand but sometimes fleas and ticks when they do their business outside. You're also keeping a friendly environment for your pets inside the house by vacuuming often, if they suffer from allergens. How does a pet vacuum differ from any other central vacuum? There are a total of 11 distinct features that no other central vacuum has in combination with each other.

People that are looking for a household vacuum and not a central vacuum, the Miele vacuum company now introduces the all new Cat & Dog with the best odor control, highest filtration, and best sucking power of almost any canister on the market. You will love this canister vacuum. It was designed with people who have allergies / are pet owners. They have graded a winner with this particular vacuum and our sales have skyrocketed because of this. Here is a link to the all new pet vacuum from Miele, a must for any pet owner.

We hope everybody has a great Labor Day weekend! Stay safe!