Thursday, June 11, 2009

Proper Central Vacuum Maintenance

Now a central vacuum is a lot like a car. If you want to get the most out of your central vacuum system for the longest length of time you need to properly maintain the system. Like a well-tuned car, the proper time and energy put into it will reflect on the lifetime of the unit. We still have people coming into the store with 20+ year systems. There's a couple things you can do to properly maintain your vacuum.

To extend the life of your central vacuum motor, you need to replace the carbon brushes every five years. Though this is not the "everyday task" that's as easy as changing a bag, but can save you hundreds in motor replacement or even unit replacement. Carbon brushes conduct electric current between moving parts and stationary wire. It's the middle man in supplying your vacuum with the power coming from the motor. After a while it'll get worn and will need to be changed.

Another quick and easy way to maintain your system is to use Tornado Cloths. These little sheets of paper clean out whatever maybe still in your piping or hose. Just simply suck up one sheet through each inlet and you can hear it grabbing small debris and carry it to your central vacuum. Cleaning out your piping and giving you the proper suction your system is meant to provide.

The final task is the most simple of them all. Changing the filters and bags to your system. Now changing the bag is something that has to be done when it's time to change it, but most people just change the bag and leave it at that. Most systems today require you to change the filter every couple months, depending on the unit and use. This will insure that your central vacuum motor is drawing in clean, dirt-free air and will give you the full life of the system.

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